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Home Design Affiliates

Calling all of you that aren’t really into Direct Sales, but have a love of a good affiliate program!!  I have found one that takes Affiliate status to a whole new level…read on!!

Ok, first let’s educate, Direct sales (DS) utilizes only reps to market the product on many levels, which usually bloats a price higher.  DS focuses on the product, not the brand so much, meaning that the product rarely changes.  Of course, there are non-compete rules, and other regulations that can be strict to some.  Marketing is done in social media, online, mail, etc.   That is direct sales 101, in a quick nut shell.

So, let’s talk about affiliates… A retail company that utilizes an affiliate program does not market 100% through their affiliates, they simply reward their affiliates for the traffic that they bring that converts to a sale.  This usually means no parties, vendor events…but a focus on the brand and not the product.  Usually there is not a kit to buy as products tend to change somewhat. Interesting right?

So, let’s talk about Snapdragon, which is a Super Affiliate and lies between DS and Affiliate programs.  So normally there is a small admin fee to join ($10 in this case), no kit offered, and you earn 10%-30% in most cases (1-2 levels earnings also may be present).  But the key here is to not bloat the price of the product.  Marketing is mostly 100% online for the affiliates across all platforms (link buys, blogs, social media, messenger, etc) The focus is on the brand, not the products. Conventional marketing methods are still used, but less as the super affiliates work closer with the company to do the majority of the marketing. There are usually no non-compete rules, and guidelines are generally more relaxed.  (Snapdragon Home uses the Super Affiliate model of marketing which has nothing to do with the business “Super Affiliate System”. That is a separate business entity and there is no connection between the two companies.)28379236_10215876007001432_4626371318747865874_n.jpg

Here at Snapdragon Home, affiliates are looking to drive as much interested traffic to the Snapdragon Home website via their own affiliate link. All sales are conducted online through the website, so in order to receive the referral bonus, the focus should be purely on generating leads and clicks using your link. Daily traffic = conversion to sales = money to you for the referral!!

If you would like more information on affiliates and SnapDragon Home specifically, feel free to contact us.  🙂  To get information on our March 12th launch, sign up here!!

We are really excited to bring this fun, flash sale excitement brand to you…watch for it!!27973388_10215816132264601_5731890038386599485_n.jpg


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Organized Chaos

It amazes me when I go to a vendor event and I see representatives of direct sales companies loading up in a total chaotic state!  I love the fact that I can load up my goodies in my Thirty One gear, look stylist, have my company name there and all!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to advertise while they organize!  Love my chaos organized, thank you!  So, of course, I had to find my fav Thirty-One item, and it is, hands down, the Large Utility Tote!  And, of course, I have it personalized…because yep, that baby is now a write off!  ❤  EEK!  Tax time trials no more here!  Anyway, so between personalization and organization, I thought others could use this type of thought!

I have been organizing work areas for a long time, especially in small start up type businesses.  Next to training employees to do their job effectively, you should also give them the tools to be organized and ready to work for you!  Well, now is the time.  Let’s look at work spaces and let’s get organized.  Who is first?  New to Thirty One? Take a peek here to see what it is all about!  I look forward to seeing your pictures!

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Story Telling Fun

Oh wow….so I finally have a You Tube channel!!!  lol…yes, little ole me finally taught myself how to upload my millions of lives to You Tube!! Now, to you this isn’t a big deal…for me, it is amazing!  So, what did I upload first, my Origami Owl Spring Reveal!

Take a peek, just a peek…honest, I won’t be mad if you don’t stay for a long time lol….but, hey as I move forward in my journey, you may want to see all that I do behind the scenes of Classy Chix Galleria and me!!  Ok, I will leave you alone…but…get in on these limited reveal items if you love O2…and if you don’t, what in the world is stopping you from becoming in love with it!  Tell your story, I can help!! ❤  Have a good night!