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Marlot – Let’s Say Love

dfc7b05ba9583743d9cc82e19a72b160-url_lgSeriously in love! Yes, I know…I say this with every release, but oh-mmmm-geeee….loveee!  This tunic dress right here, ladies…they call this baby The Marlot!  And, she is amazing!  How about a little bit of info on this one?

Ok, so release was yesterday (4/17/18) and wow the release went off the charts….which I have found to be happening a lot with Piphany!

First, because they are flying off the shelves, join our VIP group and get this info first…and get to shop first too!!!  Ok, so…let’s talk about this gorgeous, fun tunic dress!

The Marlot; a wonderful curved neckline (your best v-neck)!!  The hemline, eek…it’s flattering and curved.  And, it hits at the knee on most gals….but even above or below the knee this is just awesomely beautiful!  Look at those fitted 3/4 sleeves, and that comfy, relaxed look of the body of this dress…eek!!  I have big plans for mine…over leggings/jeggings, dressed up or down, and alone of course!!  But, it will transition beautifully for any event, work, play…just anywhere this will be a summer hit!


This dress will easily become the one you grab for the most. It can easily be taken from day to night! So there are about 20 different designs and the material is to die for…amazing to say the least!  Most of the prints are even wrinkle free, so can you say..Vacation packing goodies??  Oh yesss!

Private sessions to shop are available to you, contact us today and let’s get this on the way to your closet!! They are headed into our boutique for local gals, but we have your back if you want it sooner!  I don’t think you want to miss this one!  Message us at




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Organized Chaos

It amazes me when I go to a vendor event and I see representatives of direct sales companies loading up in a total chaotic state!  I love the fact that I can load up my goodies in my Thirty One gear, look stylist, have my company name there and all!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to advertise while they organize!  Love my chaos organized, thank you!  So, of course, I had to find my fav Thirty-One item, and it is, hands down, the Large Utility Tote!  And, of course, I have it personalized…because yep, that baby is now a write off!  ❤  EEK!  Tax time trials no more here!  Anyway, so between personalization and organization, I thought others could use this type of thought!

I have been organizing work areas for a long time, especially in small start up type businesses.  Next to training employees to do their job effectively, you should also give them the tools to be organized and ready to work for you!  Well, now is the time.  Let’s look at work spaces and let’s get organized.  Who is first?  New to Thirty One? Take a peek here to see what it is all about!  I look forward to seeing your pictures!

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Holidays To Travel

Oh the deals in travel this month!!  Where are you going?  What is your holiday traditions?  We want to find a new one now that the kids are older, one that we can do every year, just us…or add a kid or two!!  Thoughts??

So, as I am thinking….I hit up my deal emails and I find this awesome trip to go on for the holidays…had to share with you all!!  Ok, so maybe this seems like more of a summer getaway…but, heck in Riveria Maya, it’s always beautiful…so why not!!

Ok, picture this….5 star resort, onsite Dolphin Discovery Unit!  A full day of swimming, interacting and awesome picture taking with cool!!!!  But that isn’t all…  All inclusive (24/7 eating and drinks too!), Swim up Luxury Suite for 2!!!  For this special, our agency is throwing in $150 resort credit so get that awesome spa treatment!!  Let’s bump up the luxury here…  24 hours room service, use of all non-motorized watercraft, reservation free eating and oh so much more!!!!!