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Shampoo Bar..WHAT?

Yes, a shampoo bar…  Think about this, no bottles in the shower (well less lol)!  No waste for the environment!!  50 uses for under $10!!!  WHAT THE WHAT!?  Got you on that one, didn’t I?  Yes for less then $10 for 50 washes, you can use this awesome Shampoo Bar that I have found!  Now, I will put a disclaimer in here that I got the idea from a famous retail location, but I didn’t want to spend the $$ they were charging…so, I am thrifty, I went on a search.  Yes, you are getting to know me huh!?  I am going to place a video here, but this is just the idea/concept…and you can purchase from this video with the retail location, that is up to you!!  I have a better thought…stay with me here!

Ok, so I found a shower bar and have used it for 28 washes so far…and it’s only about 1/2 gone.  I bought it thinking that it wasn’t going to work…so I didn’t get the conditioner…dang it, but I did just place that order too!!  My hair is colored and I even have strips of crazy color (teal now lol)…and it isn’t fading at all.  And, I don’t have the usual itchy scalp (I am allergic to everything…literally….yes even some shampoos!!)…wow, this is a win win for me!

So….  Here is the info on the one that I purchased from Classy Chix Galleria – the one I chose was called dragon and it is such a pleasant summery scent…love it and love that others can smell it in my hair!!  YES!  Now, this baby has carried me through literally 28 washes so far!!!  WHAT THE WHAT! Not getting that from a bottle of shampoo for

Dragon Shampoo Bar

sure…and not at that price for sure!  What do I love the most…the ingredients are all listed for me before I purchase, so wow, that is like really super cool and saves me time in researching too!  I mean, this company kind of goes out of the way…and they are in the US…plus plus plus!  I wish you could feel my hair when I am out of the shower…just amazing!  I have tried some high dollar stuff in my life….but this is amazing to say the least!

Hey, once you try it…you know you want to…come on back here and give me your own review.  I would love to know how it works on others…  I always hit up “In The Know”, so take a peek at this awesome video they made…it’s going to be a hit…you want in on this one!!  XOXO MJ


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Ok, so yes it is a Slim Fit pant, and yes we are a world that wants to look good in all that we wear!  Piphany designers know just this…and thus, yet another awesome release this week!!  Welcome to the Manhattan!!  Flexibility of your favorite jeans and leggings mixed together, perfect for your busy lifestyle!  This awesomeness comes in 9 colors!!!  Look at these…….

Let’s talk waistband for you gals that know what you like…so we have an encased flat elastic (1 3/4″) that is smooth and supportive – but it’s not stretching out!  The front faux fly leads to a smooth look under your top!  The back pockets are functional and perfect!  The length, 29″ inseam on all sizes and a classic rise is right at the waist on most gals!  So the WOW factor is here….are you ready?  Come on and take a private tour, pick out an outfit or two! Classy Chix Boutique ft. Piphany

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Marlot – Let’s Say Love

dfc7b05ba9583743d9cc82e19a72b160-url_lgSeriously in love! Yes, I know…I say this with every release, but oh-mmmm-geeee….loveee!  This tunic dress right here, ladies…they call this baby The Marlot!  And, she is amazing!  How about a little bit of info on this one?

Ok, so release was yesterday (4/17/18) and wow the release went off the charts….which I have found to be happening a lot with Piphany!

First, because they are flying off the shelves, join our VIP group and get this info first…and get to shop first too!!!  Ok, so…let’s talk about this gorgeous, fun tunic dress!

The Marlot; a wonderful curved neckline (your best v-neck)!!  The hemline, eek…it’s flattering and curved.  And, it hits at the knee on most gals….but even above or below the knee this is just awesomely beautiful!  Look at those fitted 3/4 sleeves, and that comfy, relaxed look of the body of this dress…eek!!  I have big plans for mine…over leggings/jeggings, dressed up or down, and alone of course!!  But, it will transition beautifully for any event, work, play…just anywhere this will be a summer hit!


This dress will easily become the one you grab for the most. It can easily be taken from day to night! So there are about 20 different designs and the material is to die for…amazing to say the least!  Most of the prints are even wrinkle free, so can you say..Vacation packing goodies??  Oh yesss!

Private sessions to shop are available to you, contact us today and let’s get this on the way to your closet!! They are headed into our boutique for local gals, but we have your back if you want it sooner!  I don’t think you want to miss this one!  Message us at