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Resolution 101 for ’19

Heyyyyyy!!!  Yes, the lost is found!!  And since is it almost 2019, I figure what the hey…let’s do this!!!  So, life seems to get pushed aside for us single moms, especially with kids that are almost, cars, and all.  But, HEY…I made it!!  So, here is to 2019 and making it a year that rocks all years!  What about you….any good resolutions?  31045583_10156320743089910_2543297019271708672_n

So…now that we are talking resolutions, I have taken my last 4 solid days (well, ok I w  as sick as heck, so only had time to think….lol) and decided that I am NOT making resolutions this year.  Yes, NONE!!  Hear me…and I mean it!!  lol…ok, I really want to stay away from those resolutions, because I seem to do great for about the first 58 hours of January and then it is back to the same bad food, sleepless nights, Candy Crush hours….you get it!!  So this year…I am going to “just do it”!!  (Please don’t charge me, #Nike for saying that).

So, here is my plan…2019 is MY year…and I know it is yours too.  How do I know, because you are here and we need to motivate each other toward our success in whatever it is our passion is leading us toward!!!  So, Happy New Year to all my friends ❤  I will, and this I will do….be back (in my best #terminator voice!!).  ❤  Thanks for waiting for me, by the way…I have tons to share…lol…just wait………………………………


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Finding The Ones…


You read the last blog right?  The one that talks about your peeps…how to get them…and all that good stuff!  Well, this is segment 2…you have to know how to find those people…that target market…that one person that needs what you have.  Without knowing this information, how can you sell what you want to sell?  Well, silly…this is what it is all about, so let’s just talk a bit.

What does your product, service, or thingamajig do for someone?  What need does it fill?  Is there a problem it solves?  Now as we move forward, remember do NOT make assumptions; that will seriously alter the effects of this time you are spending…only the facts please.  Also remember, anything worth having doesn’t come easy.  This will be an ongoing research project.  I mean heck, what if you are entering the market with a product that basically no one knows about…what if you want to go international someday…trust me, never stop educating yourself with good resources.

Are you a professional in your arena?  Do you know a ton about your product to be clear on who would use it…if you just said yes, then woohoo…you rock!  If you said no, you may want to research and gather understanding of your product quick.   You need a list of what your product does for others, what is your assets in the product?  Who will use that?  Can you alter it to get more market base?  Here are some questions you will need to know going forward…..

  • Who are your competitors and who are their target market?
  • What demographics will your product help (age, location, health)?
  • What characteristics are seen in your target market (values, hobbies, personality)?
  • Does your ideal client frequent written media, social media?  five person standing while using smartphone

If you are like me, your paper is now filled with little notes, words and squiggly lines….  But, you are getting there trust me. So time to evaluate and put this into a form that looks like a written language.  This is a tough part of business, but it is essential.  Don’t break this process down too much and remember that you can have more then one or two targets in most cases.  But, honestly, once you know more about the ‘who’, the rest will fall into place.

So, here is my target market…for my online clothing boutique (don’t judge please, lol).  My target market is actually females, between 30-60 years of age.  I have broadened my niche market to include professional gals, as well as busy moms.  I definitely am able to target middle to high income with most of my product line, but there is a smaller target in lower income mediums too.  I don’t want to break it down too much where I disregard a factor that is a possibility.  Everyone needs clothing you know….  In terms of demographics, I am targeting locally and though the USA via social media streams.  My competition is watched very closely, as they are very much negatively in the public eye for various situations.  So technically everyday, there is a change in my research, just a simple 1% change could mean a larger target market (equals more $$$$$), so I stay on top of this at least several times a month…at the least.

I know, I know…you are thinking…will she ever just hush…lol….ok!!  It is late, so rambling is easy for me…don’t judge again!!!  I will be back in to talk to you soon about some more steps about your target market, your niche, your business….your rise to freedom!!

xoxo MJ

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What matters most?

Remember what drew you to me…my randomness!!  lol…the thoughts that jiggle around in my brain so that I get them here and then someone loves what I have to say, needs to hear what I am writing, or even takes a gold nugget and uses it to succeed.  You just never know what may be said, that strikes a cord with you…so listen up about a little bit of marketing thoughts…22154701_10210662790027356_3253019242685077150_n

So, my Piphany  team is filled with an amazing group of what have become friends in my life.  It is what I always imagined my team would be like…helpful, understanding, and most of all passionate about their own business.  Honestly, I am seriously blessed with them, but in turn, I want to give them nuggets that will help them to focus on their business and become strong and independent in our field.  So, I was literally ‘cleaning house’ and came across old notes in my International Marketing classes in college….Sold the books, kept the notes lol!!

Question of the day, month, year…you get the idea!!  How do I build up my group!?  Well, to that I ask, who is your audience?  Do you know who your audience is really?  So that maybe me think back on a thesis I wrote about my audience in my brick and mortar retail shop, and it was amazing how targeting this one thing can change your figures up a little.  My audience consisted mostly of those that loved western themed items, middle aged and middle to higher income; so where would I advertise?  When I adjusted my reach, it made a difference.  So, if you were selling a children’s line of toys, when would be the most efficient time to advertise those toys, say on TV?  Definitely not during the evening news!!  You may target Saturday mornings…lol…they do still have Saturday cartoons right?  (aging myself a little…..)

Bottom line, being intentional is something I repeat daily!  Post intentionally, no spamming people, and be thoughtful.  Build relationships…  I am going to leave you here with these thoughts as I take my GrandPup out for a walk and get the info on the latest release at Piphany (EEEEKKKKK…The Whitney top is here….wait until you see it gals!!)  i will be back to elaborate on ways to get your target audience on point.  TTYL  XOXO MJ