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Resolution 101 for ’19

Heyyyyyy!!!  Yes, the lost is found!!  And since is it almost 2019, I figure what the hey…let’s do this!!!  So, life seems to get pushed aside for us single moms, especially with kids that are almost, cars, and all.  But, HEY…I made it!!  So, here is to 2019 and making it a year that rocks all years!  What about you….any good resolutions?  31045583_10156320743089910_2543297019271708672_n

So…now that we are talking resolutions, I have taken my last 4 solid days (well, ok I w  as sick as heck, so only had time to think….lol) and decided that I am NOT making resolutions this year.  Yes, NONE!!  Hear me…and I mean it!!  lol…ok, I really want to stay away from those resolutions, because I seem to do great for about the first 58 hours of January and then it is back to the same bad food, sleepless nights, Candy Crush hours….you get it!!  So this year…I am going to “just do it”!!  (Please don’t charge me, #Nike for saying that).

So, here is my plan…2019 is MY year…and I know it is yours too.  How do I know, because you are here and we need to motivate each other toward our success in whatever it is our passion is leading us toward!!!  So, Happy New Year to all my friends ❤  I will, and this I will do….be back (in my best #terminator voice!!).  ❤  Thanks for waiting for me, by the way…I have tons to share…lol…just wait………………………………


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Ok, so yes it is a Slim Fit pant, and yes we are a world that wants to look good in all that we wear!  Piphany designers know just this…and thus, yet another awesome release this week!!  Welcome to the Manhattan!!  Flexibility of your favorite jeans and leggings mixed together, perfect for your busy lifestyle!  This awesomeness comes in 9 colors!!!  Look at these…….

Let’s talk waistband for you gals that know what you like…so we have an encased flat elastic (1 3/4″) that is smooth and supportive – but it’s not stretching out!  The front faux fly leads to a smooth look under your top!  The back pockets are functional and perfect!  The length, 29″ inseam on all sizes and a classic rise is right at the waist on most gals!  So the WOW factor is here….are you ready?  Come on and take a private tour, pick out an outfit or two! Classy Chix Boutique ft. Piphany

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Merci Is Here!

Ohhhhh Mmmmmm Geeeee!!!  The Merci is out!  What the what?  You know that I get really excited…so…let’s chat quick about this brand new top at Piphany by MJ!  Piphany released tonight the latest (and yes, the greatest!) top – it’s name…  The Merci!  So, wow…they are on their way into our in store boutique (look for us here to get in on info for the live that will feature them!)

So, did you know that in French, Merci is Thank you, lol…I didn’t know, but I had to research it with all the French clothing that is coming out this month with us!!  (Hint, Hint…Merlow is coming too!!!)!  So, Piphany is moving over to the French culture…I mean heck, have you seen their clothing…eek!!  How exciting and fashionable all at the same time!  So the Merci top features these awesome ties that make this top versatile!  You know I loveeee versatility in my clothing~win win!  Think of elegant…classy…Merci!021d643ef7cdbdc833d0bac880777b4b

So more info…  Scooped neckline, gorgeous asymmetrical hem and the attached tie/belt that allows you to customize this top to you, and for you!  Seriously, front tie, back tie, side, knot…bow….eek!!!  Here is the nice part of this line…but also of this top…you can dress it up for work, dress it down for fun…and maybe I should mention those cool pants the girls are wearing in the picture here…ummm…shhh…promise not to tell?  They are also going to be coming out this month…EEK!!!  And, a Tunic Dress too…I mean, this is totally game changing!


Ok, I know that you love to know the fit of things before you get them, so the Merci has a short sleeve (not tight), a flowing fit through the shoulders and bust – think of the Torrance feel!  The awesome belt is sewn in the back and allows you to make the look all yours.  Did I mention tunic length, oh yes, and the right side hits about mid-hip and the left side is going to hit about high on your thigh (well, that depends on your height and of course, torso!).  This beauty will be in XS – 3X, so let’s chat if you are unsure which size is best for you!!

I am hosting private or group styling dates…you choose the time, bring your friends or shop alone…and let’s get some Piphany in your closet!  And, by the way, you get to pick your own styles in this date…lol….woohoo!!  Tell me that isn’t pretty darn awesome!! You won’t at all be unhappy!







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