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Story Telling Fun

Oh wow….so I finally have a You Tube channel!!!  lol…yes, little ole me finally taught myself how to upload my millions of lives to You Tube!! Now, to you this isn’t a big deal…for me, it is amazing!  So, what did I upload first, my Origami Owl Spring Reveal!

Take a peek, just a peek…honest, I won’t be mad if you don’t stay for a long time lol….but, hey as I move forward in my journey, you may want to see all that I do behind the scenes of Classy Chix Galleria and me!!  Ok, I will leave you alone…but…get in on these limited reveal items if you love O2…and if you don’t, what in the world is stopping you from becoming in love with it!  Tell your story, I can help!! ❤  Have a good night!

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Custom Is Here!!

Oh finally….a custom option on our website!!!  YES!  So, do you want those team shirts made?  We have that!  Do you want to put a custom flair to your tops??  We can do that!  Soooo excited to open our custom area up for you to be creative!


Do you have special requests, let’s talk!!  Do you want to stay up on our new designs?  Join our FB page and show us some love!!

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Holidays To Travel

Oh the deals in travel this month!!  Where are you going?  What is your holiday traditions?  We want to find a new one now that the kids are older, one that we can do every year, just us…or add a kid or two!!  Thoughts??

So, as I am thinking….I hit up my deal emails and I find this awesome trip to go on for the holidays…had to share with you all!!  Ok, so maybe this seems like more of a summer getaway…but, heck in Riveria Maya, it’s always beautiful…so why not!!

Ok, picture this….5 star resort, onsite Dolphin Discovery Unit!  A full day of swimming, interacting and awesome picture taking with cool!!!!  But that isn’t all…  All inclusive (24/7 eating and drinks too!), Swim up Luxury Suite for 2!!!  For this special, our agency is throwing in $150 resort credit so get that awesome spa treatment!!  Let’s bump up the luxury here…  24 hours room service, use of all non-motorized watercraft, reservation free eating and oh so much more!!!!!