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Shampoo Bar..WHAT?

Yes, a shampoo bar…  Think about this, no bottles in the shower (well less lol)!  No waste for the environment!!  50 uses for under $10!!!  WHAT THE WHAT!?  Got you on that one, didn’t I?  Yes for less then $10 for 50 washes, you can use this awesome Shampoo Bar that I have found!  Now, I will put a disclaimer in here that I got the idea from a famous retail location, but I didn’t want to spend the $$ they were charging…so, I am thrifty, I went on a search.  Yes, you are getting to know me huh!?  I am going to place a video here, but this is just the idea/concept…and you can purchase from this video with the retail location, that is up to you!!  I have a better thought…stay with me here!

Ok, so I found a shower bar and have used it for 28 washes so far…and it’s only about 1/2 gone.  I bought it thinking that it wasn’t going to work…so I didn’t get the conditioner…dang it, but I did just place that order too!!  My hair is colored and I even have strips of crazy color (teal now lol)…and it isn’t fading at all.  And, I don’t have the usual itchy scalp (I am allergic to everything…literally….yes even some shampoos!!)…wow, this is a win win for me!

So….  Here is the info on the one that I purchased from Classy Chix Galleria – the one I chose was called dragon and it is such a pleasant summery scent…love it and love that others can smell it in my hair!!  YES!  Now, this baby has carried me through literally 28 washes so far!!!  WHAT THE WHAT! Not getting that from a bottle of shampoo for

Dragon Shampoo Bar

sure…and not at that price for sure!  What do I love the most…the ingredients are all listed for me before I purchase, so wow, that is like really super cool and saves me time in researching too!  I mean, this company kind of goes out of the way…and they are in the US…plus plus plus!  I wish you could feel my hair when I am out of the shower…just amazing!  I have tried some high dollar stuff in my life….but this is amazing to say the least!

Hey, once you try it…you know you want to…come on back here and give me your own review.  I would love to know how it works on others…  I always hit up “In The Know”, so take a peek at this awesome video they made…it’s going to be a hit…you want in on this one!!  XOXO MJ


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Thick as Thieves

Ok, I have to wonder what you thought when you read that title!! LOL!!!  I know that you were thinking that I am going to talk to you about stealing or hanging with thieves lol….but nah, it isn’t that at all!!!  Actually, I want to teach you a little about something I am passionate about…Thieves Essential Oil!  Ok, those of you that think EOs are just a bunch of talk….put me to the test.  I have done so much with Thieves (and other essential oils) that I could rise above every time!  I am not making claims, so don’t go snitching on me….you know that someone will try to do that…lol.  I challenge you to try something for what ails you and reap the rewards of a better feel!

Ok, what rant am I on…well, I have used Thieves for about 6 years now…for my kids, myself, and more.  Sore throats, infections, ant bites, bee stings….and the list with 3 kids goes on and on!  I know that Essential Oils (that are therapeutic) can be costly and sometimes it is easier to just run to the corner store then to have this on hand….but I may have a solution for you. Here are just a few things that I use Thieves for around the house…talk about being cost effective, it truly is a winner!

  1. Cuts that may be infected or get infected!
  2. Gargle for sore throat
  3. Use a carrier oil and massage into upper chest for congestion
  4.  Acne!!!!  Yes….I said it!!!  Any age by the way!
  5. Put on the soles of your feet to keep away a cold
  6. Diffuse in your home when the bug strikes
  7. Clean pet areas

Ok…the list can go on and on….dish soap additive, laundry (especially when you have muddy or oily clothing!!)…and more!  So, I have been trying some alternative means to keep away the bug in our home…and I want to tell you about them, maybe to help prevent the yuck from attacking this summer!  I mean why does it always hit when you have time off and the kids are home too!

So, let’s go back in time a minute….then you can decide if this is for real!  So the story goes…..during the height of the bubonic plague in the France, four men were notoriously robbing the infected dead or nearly dead of their possessions without themselves becoming sick. The men were apprehended and traded their secret for a reduced sentence. Now, bare in  mind that this is not really ‘official’ testimony to anything that Thieves may or may not be able to do or cure…but, it’s pretty cool to think that this could very well have been Thieves that kept them from becoming ill.

Classy Chix Galleria carries this Thick as Thieves line of hand soap – put this in the kid’s bathroom or w

Foaming Hand Soap

here they clean up the most…germs are halted in their tracks!!  Now that isn’t all….already have the crud, how about a shower steamer that helps you to feel better and breathe again?  They have that too! The Thick as Thieves Shower Steamer is amazing and will get you going again right away!!  Just throw it in the shower floor (hint, break it up and use smaller pieces each time lol..why not save $$).

Thick as Thieves Shower Steamer

How about a handmade salve?   Thick as Thieves has this too!  Its ready to apply, just simply rub the salve with your finger to warm it up then apply onto the skin.  16266285_1846142378991058_822940928617695304_n

But, I won’t bore you with all the goodies, take a peek for yourself, do your research and try it!  Classy Chix Galleria has this and tons of others goodies you may find amusing…fun…useful…Tell them we sent you!!


Talk to you soon!!!  XOXO MJ


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Love New Catalogs!!

EEEEK!!  Scentsy’s catalog is out and I don’t know about you but I am super excited to see it and buy from it…and love it!!!  This time of the year gets me very excited and makes me just want to jump up and down for all the new goodies!!!  So, it is ready to shop…Here!!!  Let’s talk some favorites, sorry guys, you may not love this as much as us gals do….but you may find something for you too!!

Wash for the Heart Laundry Bundle

Photo of Laundry Cause Bundle

Our new charitable cause product benefits Habitat for Humanity™ with every purchase, and includes one Laundry Liquid (in an improved formula!) and two Washer Whiffs in an exclusive fragrance, Pristine Waters.


New and improved Laundry Liquid

Our new six-enzyme formula cleans better, smells fresher and fights harder thanks to dirt-lifting and stain-fighting cleaning agents. Available in 14 fragrances.  I have to tell you, my children and I have VERY sensitive skin and we have only been able to use Photo of Scentsy Amazon Rain Laundry Productsanother brand forever….but then they changed the formula and the kids starting having reactions…I had to set out and try something else…this was it!  I happened on it by accident, ordered one in and it worked!!  It has this mom’s vote!!!

New Scentsy Body fragrances: Sugar and Shimmer

Our deluxe Scentsy Body products are now available in two of our most adored fragrances, Sugar and Shimmer! Layer on the whole line — from body wash to body cream — and feel (and smell!) sweet all day long.  Loveeeeee

Photo of Scentsy handsoap in sugar scent

New Scentsy Warmers and Diffusers

As always, we have tons of stylish new warmers and diffusers to freshen your décor. From the trendy tropical leaf pattern decorating our Rainforest FernWarmer to the striking Awaken Diffuser, there’s truly something for everyone.

Scentsy Rainforest Warmer

New fragrances

Between new Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Oils, you’ll find a stunning fragrance lineup that simply must be experienced firsthand! From White Grapefruit and Apricot Photo of March Scentsy FragrancesVanilla Scentsy Bars to Passion Fruit Bamboo Flower and Cherry Berry Chamomile 100% Natural Oils, Scentsy will keep your favorite spaces feeling fresh at all times.

Seriously, you just have to smell some of these!!

So are you ready to shop it up?  Hit up this site and tell us what you like the most!!  Then hit up our VIP site and you may just win what you love!!!  ❤

Our Fav VIP Group is Up and Ready for you!