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So, I have been paying a lot of attention to the things that happen in my life at 11:11…what about you?  So I decided that I needed to research this a little…lol….well, there is truly a meaning!!!  Who knew?

So, some believe that 11:11 means that angelic beings are close for love and protection to you.  I will research more…but I am seeing that some believe that the message is about yourself and the universe…definitely worth looking into, since I seem to always look at that clock at 11:11!

As I am reading back on my journal, I am seeing that I did many things at 11:11 so now I will be paying more attention to my thoughts and the reality around me.  I feel like maybe there needs to be a greater attention and focus on what we want…ahhh, positiveness!!!  YES!  I have always said…think and act positive and it will come to you!!  Proof in the pudding here!!!

Let’s think about ourselves…    Life desires…what do you want?  If we are being sent a message, stop and pay attention to what you are doing at 11:11 when you are seeing that time.  Are you thinking positively, negatively, or indifferent?  How about taking responsibility in what we think…do….both!  So, as I am getting deeper into this, I am starting to get the feeling that I have been brought this information for a reason!!

A professor, while working on my MBA, said to me, “the universe can’t judge your decisions, but it will make them happen…so think positively always”.  Hmmm, this is all making sense…we are the writer of our story, and this universe will make it happen for us….as we dictate, so we might want to be positive!

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Oh, remember when we would find things to make a wish…fountains at the mall was my thing!!  I would save up pennies and when we would go to the mall, I would spend all my time throwing the pennies in and making a wish.  I remember thinking how easy this was to do…looking back, did those wishes happen!!  Who knows…I am too old to remember!!  But, you can bet that I will be stopping and looking at the bigger picture now!  Those of us that are entrepreneurs, we believe that call to actions are important…leading your client/customer to an action!  It happens, it works!   So stop and think about what you are thinking next time you see 11:11…..follow that and see for yourself, I am!!

Well, this is a pretty awesome start to a great thought….I think I will think about it and get more aware, how about you?











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Crystal Passion

It’s really funny the things that come into your life and make you realize that there is such a force that we have before us…control of our mind and our surroundings can be much more then through choice!!

So, let’s talk about these awesome crystals and what impact they have had on the life of others.  Yes, these beautiful crystals have made their way into our newsfeed and life again.  They are gaining in popularity as people search for help in the power of them. Think about the past…many believed that they had the power to restore your health.  Many different people made traditions with them; including burying them with a deceased loved one.  But, heeded that they may not heal an ailment…but soothing the soul during a rough patch, they may just have the ability to do this.

Technology and the world that changes around us, drain us!  Why not seek to replenish our energy through natural means, clearing negative energies and increasing a calm in our life.


So how does this work?  It’s really as simple as targeting your need(s), having a crystal that aides you to work on that need.  I have seen where some will place their crystals in different energy spots in your body, placing them in your home, holding them in your hands…  But the main thing that I have researched is what crystal to choose for the goals you would like to achieve!  The rest is all about making someone feel better…  Can’t pass that option up, huh?

26733666_140955333369843_1605508808156333566_n.jpgSo, here is the small print from what I have read….this is not a medicine.  There is not a sure fire resolve or diagnosis to a medical condition.  But, if you believe in this method, your mood and how you handle things mentally and emotionally may just be on the mend.  I have read many researchers words about ‘fixing’ bad attitudes, but I also realize that this isn’t a sure fire fix for some of the bad attitudes lol.  Compassion will be important…if you are not a nice person, having a crystal under your pillow may not change that (sorry, but it should be said!!).  But, if you would like to learn how to move forward and get through what is going on in your life, I may have the answer.

Either way, crystals are coming to our website at and we will also be educating on them at Love, Joy, Crystal Lair.  Need more reference to an exact issue you would like to target, we have those answers too!!  Contact us today!