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Day 4…Gut Challenge

Ok, so what happened from Day 1 – 3…well, honestly, I was feeling so good that I was actually out and living life!  The Repair+ was so gentle.  The Pre-Probiotics pixie is amazingly yummy….and all is well.

So I received some emails with questions of the process, so although I answered each of you…I want to post it here also…so here we go:

  1.  First thing in the morning, I have my package of repair in a 16 oz bottle of COLD…I won’t do warm water again!!  I generally eat my first meal of the day around 11am, and I have been keeping things very simple – eggs, cheese, bacon, fruits, etc.
  2. After my breakfast, I take Digestwel+ chewable (yep, just like Flinstones that I took as a child!!  Good memories there).  Now this I take with each meal for mental focus, less stress/anxiety symptoms (yesssss it is working btw), less discomfort of gastric reflux, and it helps o increase the nutrients absorbed.
  3. After my 2nd meal, which is generally a salad or chicken salad, something pretty light (I used to only eat 2 times a day, so I am trying to change that), I take my Pre+Probiotics pixie stick which goes right on my tongue, once a day.  This stick tastes like tropical fruit and is really good.  It is coated active cultures, probiotic strains, and assists with bad bacteria elimination.
  4. Calm I have used a few times each day.  This is a digestive blend to improve digestion and elimination and it is really handy in a roller ball bottle that slips into my purse.  You just rub it on your tummy area and massage it in gently.  It seems to have a calming effect on my tummy.  For someone with gluten intolerance and tons of allergy reactions to so many things, I usually have a tummy that rumbles like Pooh bear!!  I know immediately if I have eaten something that isn’t going to agree with me; bloat, tummy aches, etc.  Calm has almost eliminated that completely.
  5. Dinner time is also very simple, since I am usually only prepping for one person (the boys are always on the go)…so salads, steak and rice, chicken and noodle soup….simple.  And of course, my Digestwel+ is there for me after that mean too.
  6. The only thing that I have used for some time, is the Bliss (M3Z that you mostly know for a sleeping aid).  I don’t use this every night, but if I feel as though I am anxious, stressed or unsettled, I will use it about 30 minutes before bed.  Bliss helps mood, emotions, energy, mental focus, stress and anxiety…and for me, brings on a very nice sleep.  BUT…I only use about 4 sprays as I have found early on that if you use a lot it will put you into a level of sleep where thMTAxMjA1MDM2ere are vivid dreams, which are often strange in nature, not scary – just strange.

So, here is what I am noticing.  (Look away with bodily functions bother you)…  my bathroom time is more scheduled, and less urgent.  Where I would normally eat and be sick within 45 minutes (making traveling impossible), I am definitely in a settle schedule that is improving each day.  And with that, the bloating is going away too!  I love that part, sometimes i would look VERY pregnant!  Definitely don’t need

So that is where I am at day 4.  I told you in the last post that I was checking my weight, and it hasn’t changed, which I didn’t expect it to.  So the only thing else I notice is that I am craving more water – and urinating more (even at night).  Oh and the fight to be without my sweet tea…ugh…I am not winning that one at all!  Caffeine withdrawal headache is the worst!!!!!  So, so you want to know more?  Read up on it by clicking here

Thanks for keeping up with my journey of all the things we do here!!!


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About This Gut Health….

Welcome to Monday morning….7am EST! Let me set the background for you since today starts my Day #1 of the Love Your Gut Challenge….

Disclaimer and WARNING!!  There will be a few words that some may not deem ‘proper’ in this series…please just stop here if you are sensitive as I don’t want to offend anyone!!  Also, I am not a doctor, and definitely not giving medical or health advice of any sort…just a normal Passionately Curious gal looking to feel a little better – and share that journey with those who are also curious.  AND…I do carry the items that I will be talking about in this series, however there is no intent of ‘selling you’…just sharing!! AND…I promise, as always to be non-biased in this, as always!  I mean you are here because you trust me…I will not sacrifice that for anything or anyone 🙂  ❤

Day #1:  Rise and Shine!!!  7am – (Time change stinks right? It’s still dark out!!)  I prepare my son’s lunch and get him off and running and now it’s time to have a little cocktail!!  This little p53881564_2255288578046891_5311914392328077312_nackage is called Repair+ (I will add in white papers too), and it is mixed with 16 oz bottled water…yes, I need a purifier system (any suggestions?)  This blend is Tropical Fruit and although it tastes like it, it sure didn’t look appealing.  But down the hatch!! Oh, let me mention, I am not a cold water drinker, so this is warm…I found it tasted better with ice..note taken!

Took me about 41 minutes and 23 seconds (just kidding…) to get this down, but it is now gone!! I am thankful that the company sends a guide for this process, I have too much else to memorize in life…lol.  Here is a little more information about this specific product, just click Here.  I did that because I want you to read it for yourself instead of copying and pasting and losing any verbiage that may be important…just sayin’!!

Now I did weigh myself (even though this isn’t a weight loss journey) just for record, I also am keeping a journey, in case I need it…I don’t know why…but I am!!  So, what am I looking for with this product? Basically, to improve my gut health….like the title says.  But, from my understanding of research I have done, this product will help me to improve the gut wall, assist in regularity and digestion, support microbiome (breaks down germs, aids in producing vitamins) development, fiber for getting some good bacteria flowing in there, and a immune system supporter too!  Now I only drink this one time a day, in the morning!!  So…there you have it!

Now, I am going to get this day started and I will report back later.  I generally don’t eat before 11am, so I will report back then with information on the next step of the process, Digestwel+ and Pre+Probiotics.  Hey maybe this will force me to eat better too!!!!

See you all for now…



Love Your Gut Challenge


Love your Gut Challenge


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Influencer or Money Hungry?

Wellll…here we are, at the end of my workday #businessownershipisamazing – many people say that leopards don’t change their spots (GUESS WHAT??  They are right!!)!!  So, you want to see the best in people, and then something in the universe happens to make you realize that you can’t even remotely find a glimpse of positive (still trying btw)! ❤

Ok, so my other career is to be a positive force to my team, my friends, my family…and mostly in that order lol!  I am a part of motivational/inspirational groups mostly because generally they are a positive place to find like minded peeps.  Well, today proved to be a #oopsmoment!

I am not going to repeat the #oopsmoment here (you can catch it on my personal timeline on FB, I made the post public so you can peek at it!!) and you can even choose to blast me, love me, hate me…lol…at this point there is a line for the club of your choice!!  But one thing that I will say; why in the world can I not make the Top 40 with writings, millions and gazillions of $ and followers, and use other people’s words to enhance my professional life…..all while being sweet, little ole real me!!??  Blah!!  woman wearing VR goggles

Enough already MJ….get to the positive part!!!  Right!!

So Happy New Year Day/Evening…we made it here, so we have lots to be thankful for…so get out there (after the sun comes up) and get those goals set in stone… #forwardonlythisyear ❤  Talk to you all soon!!