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About This Gut Health….

Welcome to Monday morning….7am EST! Let me set the background for you since today starts my Day #1 of the Love Your Gut Challenge….

Disclaimer and WARNING!!  There will be a few words that some may not deem ‘proper’ in this series…please just stop here if you are sensitive as I don’t want to offend anyone!!  Also, I am not a doctor, and definitely not giving medical or health advice of any sort…just a normal Passionately Curious gal looking to feel a little better – and share that journey with those who are also curious.  AND…I do carry the items that I will be talking about in this series, however there is no intent of ‘selling you’…just sharing!! AND…I promise, as always to be non-biased in this, as always!  I mean you are here because you trust me…I will not sacrifice that for anything or anyone 🙂  ❤

Day #1:  Rise and Shine!!!  7am – (Time change stinks right? It’s still dark out!!)  I prepare my son’s lunch and get him off and running and now it’s time to have a little cocktail!!  This little p53881564_2255288578046891_5311914392328077312_nackage is called Repair+ (I will add in white papers too), and it is mixed with 16 oz bottled water…yes, I need a purifier system (any suggestions?)  This blend is Tropical Fruit and although it tastes like it, it sure didn’t look appealing.  But down the hatch!! Oh, let me mention, I am not a cold water drinker, so this is warm…I found it tasted better with ice..note taken!

Took me about 41 minutes and 23 seconds (just kidding…) to get this down, but it is now gone!! I am thankful that the company sends a guide for this process, I have too much else to memorize in life…lol.  Here is a little more information about this specific product, just click Here.  I did that because I want you to read it for yourself instead of copying and pasting and losing any verbiage that may be important…just sayin’!!

Now I did weigh myself (even though this isn’t a weight loss journey) just for record, I also am keeping a journey, in case I need it…I don’t know why…but I am!!  So, what am I looking for with this product? Basically, to improve my gut health….like the title says.  But, from my understanding of research I have done, this product will help me to improve the gut wall, assist in regularity and digestion, support microbiome (breaks down germs, aids in producing vitamins) development, fiber for getting some good bacteria flowing in there, and a immune system supporter too!  Now I only drink this one time a day, in the morning!!  So…there you have it!

Now, I am going to get this day started and I will report back later.  I generally don’t eat before 11am, so I will report back then with information on the next step of the process, Digestwel+ and Pre+Probiotics.  Hey maybe this will force me to eat better too!!!!

See you all for now…



Love Your Gut Challenge


Love your Gut Challenge



I am an entrepreneur mom of 3 with a passion to see others step up and make their life a success. I thrive in the hustle of providing for my family as the sole earner in my household. This is the time for us to rise and let them know that we CAN do this...and WE WILL!

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