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Thick as Thieves

Ok, I have to wonder what you thought when you read that title!! LOL!!!  I know that you were thinking that I am going to talk to you about stealing or hanging with thieves lol….but nah, it isn’t that at all!!!  Actually, I want to teach you a little about something I am passionate about…Thieves Essential Oil!  Ok, those of you that think EOs are just a bunch of talk….put me to the test.  I have done so much with Thieves (and other essential oils) that I could rise above every time!  I am not making claims, so don’t go snitching on me….you know that someone will try to do that…lol.  I challenge you to try something for what ails you and reap the rewards of a better feel!

Ok, what rant am I on…well, I have used Thieves for about 6 years now…for my kids, myself, and more.  Sore throats, infections, ant bites, bee stings….and the list with 3 kids goes on and on!  I know that Essential Oils (that are therapeutic) can be costly and sometimes it is easier to just run to the corner store then to have this on hand….but I may have a solution for you. Here are just a few things that I use Thieves for around the house…talk about being cost effective, it truly is a winner!

  1. Cuts that may be infected or get infected!
  2. Gargle for sore throat
  3. Use a carrier oil and massage into upper chest for congestion
  4.  Acne!!!!  Yes….I said it!!!  Any age by the way!
  5. Put on the soles of your feet to keep away a cold
  6. Diffuse in your home when the bug strikes
  7. Clean pet areas

Ok…the list can go on and on….dish soap additive, laundry (especially when you have muddy or oily clothing!!)…and more!  So, I have been trying some alternative means to keep away the bug in our home…and I want to tell you about them, maybe to help prevent the yuck from attacking this summer!  I mean why does it always hit when you have time off and the kids are home too!

So, let’s go back in time a minute….then you can decide if this is for real!  So the story goes…..during the height of the bubonic plague in the France, four men were notoriously robbing the infected dead or nearly dead of their possessions without themselves becoming sick. The men were apprehended and traded their secret for a reduced sentence. Now, bare in  mind that this is not really ‘official’ testimony to anything that Thieves may or may not be able to do or cure…but, it’s pretty cool to think that this could very well have been Thieves that kept them from becoming ill.

Classy Chix Galleria carries this Thick as Thieves line of hand soap – put this in the kid’s bathroom or w

Foaming Hand Soap

here they clean up the most…germs are halted in their tracks!!  Now that isn’t all….already have the crud, how about a shower steamer that helps you to feel better and breathe again?  They have that too! The Thick as Thieves Shower Steamer is amazing and will get you going again right away!!  Just throw it in the shower floor (hint, break it up and use smaller pieces each time lol..why not save $$).

Thick as Thieves Shower Steamer

How about a handmade salve?   Thick as Thieves has this too!  Its ready to apply, just simply rub the salve with your finger to warm it up then apply onto the skin.  16266285_1846142378991058_822940928617695304_n

But, I won’t bore you with all the goodies, take a peek for yourself, do your research and try it!  Classy Chix Galleria has this and tons of others goodies you may find amusing…fun…useful…Tell them we sent you!!


Talk to you soon!!!  XOXO MJ



I am an entrepreneur mom of 3 with a passion to see others step up and make their life a success. I thrive in the hustle of providing for my family as the sole earner in my household. This is the time for us to rise and let them know that we CAN do this...and WE WILL!

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