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Hire Yourself!

Ok, as you know I am a serious entrepreneur who believes that it takes several streams of income to succeed fully in working from home, for yourself.  I took a friend up on a total whim and joined Piphany, developed my own boutique online..and ran with it.  I haven’t looked back.  And, now we have something that you may love too!!  So, sit a minute and let me tell you a little about my opportunity.  Now, it’s ok if it isn’t for you…maybe you will know someone….and I wouldn’t be talking it, if I wasn’t succeeding in it….and as of next Monday, it will be even easier for success!!!!  So, here it goes!a85ddc47dbc519e35a59d8fe6ba8bc0f38c3fbbf.png

Maybe (or maybe not…lol) you were thinking about becoming a Piphany stylist? Well, Piphany is launching, on  April 2, 2018, a business model that is about to put them over the edge of WOW!!!  So, here is the thought….actually the concept!  Instead of taking out a mortgage to get inventory, let’s try a plan that allows you to sell with screen sharing (many programs we can recommend to do this free!!), and actually see the style, the sizes available and (best of all) the print!!!  YES!  You get to pick your prints!  But, if you still want a boutique, that is ok too, we can set you up there too!  But, honestly, how about only ordering (at wholesale) enough for you to show off…and having a party on the computer…let your clients pick what they want!!  WOW!  So, this will start a whole new world of shopping…and get your entrepreneur self off the ground, easily, and quickly! Here’s what you need to know:

  • $199 annual fee waived for the first year if you onboard before March 31 and order at least $500 in inventory at onboarding.
  • Websites and stock photos provided. $29/month fee, which is waived if you buy/sell at least 10 items per month (which is ezpz!) or have at least 1 stylist in your downline.  But, there is no pressure to build a team…you can do this on your own…or with a friend or two!
  • No need to carry inventory! Customers can shop with you from your web carousel, and items purchased will be shipped from warehouse, no more inventory all over your home! You decide when to showcase the carousel…one on one showings, groups showings, totally at your convenience!
  • If you do decide to carry inventory, you’ll be able to choose your own prints. WHAT THE WHAT!  This is huge, no getting stuck with those ugly prints that no one wants….and then they get stale in your inventory…and well, you know the rest of the story!
  • Earn up to 45% commission on your sales. Commission depends on your monthly total.
  • Opportunity to earn additional compensation for building a team. Earn up to 7% commission for leading a team to success.
  • TEAM! I can’t speak for other teams at Piphany, but I can assure you that our upline leader(s) are all there for us…all hours of the night!  They don’t hide when there is a problem, they jump in and help us to solve it…and communication with the company and the team, SUPERB!!

Ok, so now I will ask you your thoughts…I am not a high pressure person, I just want you to know what you can have and what you can get, and where you can get it!  The answer may just be right here!  ❤  Hugs, ya’ll…ready to chat when you are ready!

PS…if you want to take a look at my boutique, I keep inventory on hand for events and personal shopping visits from friends….but I will also move to the new system!  Take a peek at my boutique at – if you prefer VIP groups on Facebook, visit mine at




I am an entrepreneur mom of 3 with a passion to see others step up and make their life a success. I thrive in the hustle of providing for my family as the sole earner in my household. This is the time for us to rise and let them know that we CAN do this...and WE WILL!

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