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Grand Opening Ladies

Well, it is coming up on the Grand Opening of our shop, Classy Chix Boutique featuring Piphany!!!  We are so excited!!  The nice thing is that you don’t have to be on Facebook to shop with us…yay!!  I love being able to move away from there just a tad…sometimes!!

So, we are opening with a little over 100 pieces, and will be offering live events, where you get to see my face!!  Don’t be too  But, we will also be scheduling group and one-on-one sessions so that you can shop the warehouse and grab your own styles, sizes, designs….oh yes, I said designs!!  You get to pick your designs with us!!  Starting next week, we will be introducing that system to you.  🙂  So, if you are on Facebook, and want to join us…see us at – but if you aren’t that is ok…hit up our albums (grand opening in Wednesday 3/28) and make sure you register to shop (it’s FREE!!!).  🙂  Remember, I love free!!!social_cover.jpg

Want to know what the best part event.jpgof owning a clothing business is…lol…free clothing!!  So, yes, I wear what I sell…and loveeeee it!  OMG, I tried these Palazzo pants and WOW, Loveeee…bye bye leggings…hello Palazzo!!  ❤  Even learned how to shorten them…FREE!  WHAT…yep, FREE!  So, I am excited to see you all, come on in and take a peek…may not be your cup of tea, but I bet you can compliment me by referring me to your friends!  I am out for personalized shopping experiences…you in??



I am an entrepreneur mom of 3 with a passion to see others step up and make their life a success. I thrive in the hustle of providing for my family as the sole earner in my household. This is the time for us to rise and let them know that we CAN do this...and WE WILL!

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