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P!phany – What is it?

Oh-M-Geee!!!  I came across a clothing line to absolutely cave any other lines out there….P!phany (pronounced pif-any) has taken off with some nice styles and they are growing fast and furious.  After changing their name, brand, business model, and comp plan in September, 2017, they are making a name for themselves!

Very much a ground floor opportunity with just over 2200 current stylists, starting a business for only $199 is a total game changing in this industry.  I am so excited to announce that we jumped on board as a stylist this past week…after many months of research into the right business for us.  Think about this….

  • Consultants will have access to inventory without having to carry tons of inventory!
  • No more taking out loans or selling your breast milk to get in on the gig!
  • No more debt and feelings of regret!
  • This business model is the first of its kind in the clothing industry!home-rocklin-1.jpg

So, presently Stylists purchase inventory at wholesale prices from Piphany and resell to clients on social media, in person pop ups, events, etc. There is no demand of having to carry a specific style or size, you get to truly run this like your VERY OWN business!

But that model is changing for the better too!  Very soon, like next month, P!phany is releasing a game changing way we can run our business that will allow us to pick our exact prints and inventory when we purchase it. We will be able to offer current inventory available in the Piphany warehouse to our customers in real time. Meaning we can sell the clothing without having to invest/purchase it first.  Stylist will be able to choose how much inventory they want to keep on hand.  WOW!!!!


How about this…let’s chat about your business goals, let me explain what you will get for $199 (this can be ask me how!).  Let’s decide how you want your business to run…then let’s stop chasing those dreams and grab ahold of them!  See you at Piphany!

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I am an entrepreneur mom of 3 with a passion to see others step up and make their life a success. I thrive in the hustle of providing for my family as the sole earner in my household. This is the time for us to rise and let them know that we CAN do this...and WE WILL!

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