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Day 4…Gut Challenge

Ok, so what happened from Day 1 – 3…well, honestly, I was feeling so good that I was actually out and living life!  The Repair+ was so gentle.  The Pre-Probiotics pixie is amazingly yummy….and all is well.

So I received some emails with questions of the process, so although I answered each of you…I want to post it here also…so here we go:

  1.  First thing in the morning, I have my package of repair in a 16 oz bottle of COLD water..lol…I won’t do warm water again!!  I generally eat my first meal of the day around 11am, and I have been keeping things very simple – eggs, cheese, bacon, fruits, etc.
  2. After my breakfast, I take Digestwel+ chewable (yep, just like Flinstones that I took as a child!!  Good memories there).  Now this I take with each meal for mental focus, less stress/anxiety symptoms (yesssss it is working btw), less discomfort of gastric reflux, and it helps o increase the nutrients absorbed.
  3. After my 2nd meal, which is generally a salad or chicken salad, something pretty light (I used to only eat 2 times a day, so I am trying to change that), I take my Pre+Probiotics pixie stick which goes right on my tongue, once a day.  This stick tastes like tropical fruit and is really good.  It is coated active cultures, probiotic strains, and assists with bad bacteria elimination.
  4. Calm I have used a few times each day.  This is a digestive blend to improve digestion and elimination and it is really handy in a roller ball bottle that slips into my purse.  You just rub it on your tummy area and massage it in gently.  It seems to have a calming effect on my tummy.  For someone with gluten intolerance and tons of allergy reactions to so many things, I usually have a tummy that rumbles like Pooh bear!!  I know immediately if I have eaten something that isn’t going to agree with me; bloat, tummy aches, etc.  Calm has almost eliminated that completely.
  5. Dinner time is also very simple, since I am usually only prepping for one person (the boys are always on the go)…so salads, steak and rice, chicken and noodle soup….simple.  And of course, my Digestwel+ is there for me after that mean too.
  6. The only thing that I have used for some time, is the Bliss (M3Z that you mostly know for a sleeping aid).  I don’t use this every night, but if I feel as though I am anxious, stressed or unsettled, I will use it about 30 minutes before bed.  Bliss helps mood, emotions, energy, mental focus, stress and anxiety…and for me, brings on a very nice sleep.  BUT…I only use about 4 sprays as I have found early on that if you use a lot it will put you into a level of sleep where thMTAxMjA1MDM2ere are vivid dreams, which are often strange in nature, not scary – just strange.

So, here is what I am noticing.  (Look away with bodily functions bother you)…  my bathroom time is more scheduled, and less urgent.  Where I would normally eat and be sick within 45 minutes (making traveling impossible), I am definitely in a settle schedule that is improving each day.  And with that, the bloating is going away too!  I love that part, sometimes i would look VERY pregnant!  Definitely don’t need that..lol.

So that is where I am at day 4.  I told you in the last post that I was checking my weight, and it hasn’t changed, which I didn’t expect it to.  So the only thing else I notice is that I am craving more water – and urinating more (even at night).  Oh and the fight to be without my sweet tea…ugh…I am not winning that one at all!  Caffeine withdrawal headache is the worst!!!!!  So, so you want to know more?  Read up on it by clicking here

Thanks for keeping up with my journey of all the things we do here!!!


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About This Gut Health….

Welcome to Monday morning….7am EST! Let me set the background for you since today starts my Day #1 of the Love Your Gut Challenge….

Disclaimer and WARNING!!  There will be a few words that some may not deem ‘proper’ in this series…please just stop here if you are sensitive as I don’t want to offend anyone!!  Also, I am not a doctor, and definitely not giving medical or health advice of any sort…just a normal Passionately Curious gal looking to feel a little better – and share that journey with those who are also curious.  AND…I do carry the items that I will be talking about in this series, however there is no intent of ‘selling you’…just sharing!! AND…I promise, as always to be non-biased in this, as always!  I mean you are here because you trust me…I will not sacrifice that for anything or anyone 🙂  ❤

Day #1:  Rise and Shine!!!  7am – (Time change stinks right? It’s still dark out!!)  I prepare my son’s lunch and get him off and running and now it’s time to have a little cocktail!!  This little p53881564_2255288578046891_5311914392328077312_nackage is called Repair+ (I will add in white papers too), and it is mixed with 16 oz bottled water…yes, I need a purifier system (any suggestions?)  This blend is Tropical Fruit and although it tastes like it, it sure didn’t look appealing.  But down the hatch!! Oh, let me mention, I am not a cold water drinker, so this is warm…I found it tasted better with ice..note taken!

Took me about 41 minutes and 23 seconds (just kidding…) to get this down, but it is now gone!! I am thankful that the company sends a guide for this process, I have too much else to memorize in life…lol.  Here is a little more information about this specific product, just click Here.  I did that because I want you to read it for yourself instead of copying and pasting and losing any verbiage that may be important…just sayin’!!

Now I did weigh myself (even though this isn’t a weight loss journey) just for record, I also am keeping a journey, in case I need it…I don’t know why…but I am!!  So, what am I looking for with this product? Basically, to improve my gut health….like the title says.  But, from my understanding of research I have done, this product will help me to improve the gut wall, assist in regularity and digestion, support microbiome (breaks down germs, aids in producing vitamins) development, fiber for getting some good bacteria flowing in there, and a immune system supporter too!  Now I only drink this one time a day, in the morning!!  So…there you have it!

Now, I am going to get this day started and I will report back later.  I generally don’t eat before 11am, so I will report back then with information on the next step of the process, Digestwel+ and Pre+Probiotics.  Hey maybe this will force me to eat better too!!!!

See you all for now…



Love Your Gut Challenge https://classychix.beneyou.com/us/en/shop/products/love-bundle


Love your Gut Challenge


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Influencer or Money Hungry?

Wellll…here we are, at the end of my workday #businessownershipisamazing – many people say that leopards don’t change their spots (GUESS WHAT??  They are right!!)!!  So, you want to see the best in people, and then something in the universe happens to make you realize that you can’t even remotely find a glimpse of positive (still trying btw)! ❤

Ok, so my other career is to be a positive force to my team, my friends, my family…and mostly in that order lol!  I am a part of motivational/inspirational groups mostly because generally they are a positive place to find like minded peeps.  Well, today proved to be a #oopsmoment!

I am not going to repeat the #oopsmoment here (you can catch it on my personal timeline on FB, I made the post public so you can peek at it!!) and you can even choose to blast me, love me, hate me…lol…at this point there is a line for the club of your choice!!  But one thing that I will say; why in the world can I not make the Top 40 with writings, millions and gazillions of $ and followers, and use other people’s words to enhance my professional life…..all while being sweet, little ole real me!!??  Blah!!  woman wearing VR goggles

Enough already MJ….get to the positive part!!!  Right!!

So Happy New Year Day/Evening…we made it here, so we have lots to be thankful for…so get out there (after the sun comes up) and get those goals set in stone… #forwardonlythisyear ❤  Talk to you all soon!!

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Resolution 101 for ’19

Heyyyyyy!!!  Yes, the lost is found!!  And since is it almost 2019, I figure what the hey…let’s do this!!!  So, life seems to get pushed aside for us single moms, especially with kids that are almost adults..college, cars, and all.  But, HEY…I made it!!  So, here is to 2019 and making it a year that rocks all years!  What about you….any good resolutions?  31045583_10156320743089910_2543297019271708672_n

So…now that we are talking resolutions, I have taken my last 4 solid days (well, ok I w  as sick as heck, so only had time to think….lol) and decided that I am NOT making resolutions this year.  Yes, NONE!!  Hear me…and I mean it!!  lol…ok, I really want to stay away from those resolutions, because I seem to do great for about the first 58 hours of January and then it is back to the same bad food, sleepless nights, Candy Crush hours….you get it!!  So this year…I am going to “just do it”!!  (Please don’t charge me, #Nike for saying that).

So, here is my plan…2019 is MY year…and I know it is yours too.  How do I know, because you are here and we need to motivate each other toward our success in whatever it is our passion is leading us toward!!!  So, Happy New Year to all my friends ❤  I will, and this I will do….be back (in my best #terminator voice!!).  ❤  Thanks for waiting for me, by the way…I have tons to share…lol…just wait………………………………


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Finding The Ones…


You read the last blog right?  The one that talks about your peeps…how to get them…and all that good stuff!  Well, this is segment 2…you have to know how to find those people…that target market…that one person that needs what you have.  Without knowing this information, how can you sell what you want to sell?  Well, silly…this is what it is all about, so let’s just talk a bit.

What does your product, service, or thingamajig do for someone?  What need does it fill?  Is there a problem it solves?  Now as we move forward, remember do NOT make assumptions; that will seriously alter the effects of this time you are spending…only the facts please.  Also remember, anything worth having doesn’t come easy.  This will be an ongoing research project.  I mean heck, what if you are entering the market with a product that basically no one knows about…what if you want to go international someday…trust me, never stop educating yourself with good resources.

Are you a professional in your arena?  Do you know a ton about your product to be clear on who would use it…if you just said yes, then woohoo…you rock!  If you said no, you may want to research and gather understanding of your product quick.   You need a list of what your product does for others, what is your assets in the product?  Who will use that?  Can you alter it to get more market base?  Here are some questions you will need to know going forward…..

  • Who are your competitors and who are their target market?
  • What demographics will your product help (age, location, health)?
  • What characteristics are seen in your target market (values, hobbies, personality)?
  • Does your ideal client frequent written media, social media?  five person standing while using smartphone

If you are like me, your paper is now filled with little notes, words and squiggly lines….  But, you are getting there trust me. So time to evaluate and put this into a form that looks like a written language.  This is a tough part of business, but it is essential.  Don’t break this process down too much and remember that you can have more then one or two targets in most cases.  But, honestly, once you know more about the ‘who’, the rest will fall into place.

So, here is my target market…for my online clothing boutique (don’t judge please, lol).  My target market is actually females, between 30-60 years of age.  I have broadened my niche market to include professional gals, as well as busy moms.  I definitely am able to target middle to high income with most of my product line, but there is a smaller target in lower income mediums too.  I don’t want to break it down too much where I disregard a factor that is a possibility.  Everyone needs clothing you know….  In terms of demographics, I am targeting locally and though the USA via social media streams.  My competition is watched very closely, as they are very much negatively in the public eye for various situations.  So technically everyday, there is a change in my research, just a simple 1% change could mean a larger target market (equals more $$$$$), so I stay on top of this at least several times a month…at the least.

I know, I know…you are thinking…will she ever just hush…lol….ok!!  It is late, so rambling is easy for me…don’t judge again!!!  I will be back in to talk to you soon about some more steps about your target market, your niche, your business….your rise to freedom!!

xoxo MJ

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What matters most?

Remember what drew you to me…my randomness!!  lol…the thoughts that jiggle around in my brain so that I get them here and then someone loves what I have to say, needs to hear what I am writing, or even takes a gold nugget and uses it to succeed.  You just never know what may be said, that strikes a cord with you…so listen up about a little bit of marketing thoughts…22154701_10210662790027356_3253019242685077150_n

So, my Piphany  team is filled with an amazing group of what have become friends in my life.  It is what I always imagined my team would be like…helpful, understanding, and most of all passionate about their own business.  Honestly, I am seriously blessed with them, but in turn, I want to give them nuggets that will help them to focus on their business and become strong and independent in our field.  So, I was literally ‘cleaning house’ and came across old notes in my International Marketing classes in college….Sold the books, kept the notes lol!!

Question of the day, month, year…you get the idea!!  How do I build up my group!?  Well, to that I ask, who is your audience?  Do you know who your audience is really?  So that maybe me think back on a thesis I wrote about my audience in my brick and mortar retail shop, and it was amazing how targeting this one thing can change your figures up a little.  My audience consisted mostly of those that loved western themed items, middle aged and middle to higher income; so where would I advertise?  When I adjusted my reach, it made a difference.  So, if you were selling a children’s line of toys, when would be the most efficient time to advertise those toys, say on TV?  Definitely not during the evening news!!  You may target Saturday mornings…lol…they do still have Saturday cartoons right?  (aging myself a little…..)

Bottom line, being intentional is something I repeat daily!  Post intentionally, no spamming people, and be thoughtful.  Build relationships…  I am going to leave you here with these thoughts as I take my GrandPup out for a walk and get the info on the latest release at Piphany (EEEEKKKKK…The Whitney top is here….wait until you see it gals!!)  i will be back to elaborate on ways to get your target audience on point.  TTYL  XOXO MJ


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Thick as Thieves

Ok, I have to wonder what you thought when you read that title!! LOL!!!  I know that you were thinking that I am going to talk to you about stealing or hanging with thieves lol….but nah, it isn’t that at all!!!  Actually, I want to teach you a little about something I am passionate about…Thieves Essential Oil!  Ok, those of you that think EOs are just a bunch of talk….put me to the test.  I have done so much with Thieves (and other essential oils) that I could rise above every time!  I am not making claims, so don’t go snitching on me….you know that someone will try to do that…lol.  I challenge you to try something for what ails you and reap the rewards of a better feel!

Ok, what rant am I on…well, I have used Thieves for about 6 years now…for my kids, myself, and more.  Sore throats, infections, ant bites, bee stings….and the list with 3 kids goes on and on!  I know that Essential Oils (that are therapeutic) can be costly and sometimes it is easier to just run to the corner store then to have this on hand….but I may have a solution for you. Here are just a few things that I use Thieves for around the house…talk about being cost effective, it truly is a winner!

  1. Cuts that may be infected or get infected!
  2. Gargle for sore throat
  3. Use a carrier oil and massage into upper chest for congestion
  4.  Acne!!!!  Yes….I said it!!!  Any age by the way!
  5. Put on the soles of your feet to keep away a cold
  6. Diffuse in your home when the bug strikes
  7. Clean pet areas

Ok…the list can go on and on….dish soap additive, laundry (especially when you have muddy or oily clothing!!)…and more!  So, I have been trying some alternative means to keep away the bug in our home…and I want to tell you about them, maybe to help prevent the yuck from attacking this summer!  I mean why does it always hit when you have time off and the kids are home too!

So, let’s go back in time a minute….then you can decide if this is for real!  So the story goes…..during the height of the bubonic plague in the France, four men were notoriously robbing the infected dead or nearly dead of their possessions without themselves becoming sick. The men were apprehended and traded their secret for a reduced sentence. Now, bare in  mind that this is not really ‘official’ testimony to anything that Thieves may or may not be able to do or cure…but, it’s pretty cool to think that this could very well have been Thieves that kept them from becoming ill.

Classy Chix Galleria carries this Thick as Thieves line of hand soap – put this in the kid’s bathroom or w

Foaming Hand Soap

here they clean up the most…germs are halted in their tracks!!  Now that isn’t all….already have the crud, how about a shower steamer that helps you to feel better and breathe again?  They have that too! The Thick as Thieves Shower Steamer is amazing and will get you going again right away!!  Just throw it in the shower floor (hint, break it up and use smaller pieces each time lol..why not save $$).

Thick as Thieves Shower Steamer

How about a handmade salve?   Thick as Thieves has this too!  Its ready to apply, just simply rub the salve with your finger to warm it up then apply onto the skin.  16266285_1846142378991058_822940928617695304_n

But, I won’t bore you with all the goodies, take a peek for yourself, do your research and try it!  Classy Chix Galleria has this and tons of others goodies you may find amusing…fun…useful…Tell them we sent you!!

FB: facebook.com/groups/classychixgalleriavip

Talk to you soon!!!  XOXO MJ


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California Tunic

WooHoo – Yet another popular release has hit the Piphany circuit!  This one is fabulous, as they all are…not partial or anything!!  So, who wouldn’t love a wonderful light and fun 3/4 sleeve top throughout the year!  I wear mine now, but will layer it in the winter…now we know how much I love to get my money worth out of everything, that is definitely versatility!34756421_10156434881314910_9107905813946564608_n

34644238_10156434881129910_7800825808393601024_nHere it is… in all its glory!!  Soft and fun…and priced right too!  I am wearing a design that features all of my fav colors; purple, pink, peach, blue…..and a few more too!  This is so me!  But, if you don’t like this one…don’t worry there is 29 other designs.  But, I have to warn you that everyone is lovin’ on them…so get with me and I will set you up today!!  This is a tunic you will reach for time after time!

Notice the hang on this top…seriously, effortless and just perfect.  Best of all, it feels darn good!  What do I wear it with….well, you name it.  It features a great high/low hem, so it is perfect with leggings, palazzo pants, Manhattan Slim Pant, skirts…..and yep, even shorts!  It is so easy to dress this baby up or down…and to fit my mood!  Just look at these designs….eek!  Come on in to the VIP and get in on the deals and fun!!  ❤  XOXO MJ



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Piphany – Bradbury

Holy WOW!  The Bradbury  has made the entrance into my life and into my client’s life…and wow…just wow!  This dress is the dress of the season and Piphany hit it on the nail head with this one!  So, let’s not wait…let me tell you all about it!!

34119089_10156419120949910_4160322523696726016_n.jpgSo, this my friends, is the Bradbury!!  Yes to the left there, that hot pink awesomeness…and I am in love with it completely.  It is a floor length dress that is perfect for the summer!  It is perfectly priced for $52 and has the quality of nothing better!  I wear mine in a knot at the bottom to make it a little shorter and give it more style!!  Wait until you see these designs!!  BUT, this is a limited release, and they are going fast…contact me piphanybymj@gmail.com asap for yours!!

Just the the city of Bradbury, CA with its boundless estates, this piece will have you looking and feeling glamorous. The fitted bodice flatter with its empire waist and flowing, full length skirt. A luxurious hem that all but brushes the ground; a perfect dress for spring and summer with its breathable fabrication. Knot up the skirt for beach combing or slide some heels with a Chanel duster for more allure. Staying true to Piphany’s promise of versatility, this dress makes an amazing special occasion piece that can be worn to weddings, summer concerts, date night, brunch with your girlfriends, or even barefoot strolls through the park.

2018-05-21 (6).jpg

Bradbury Styling Tips:

  • Casual Chic: Pair the Bradbury with sandals, headband, and a tote.
  • Night-Out: Pair the Bradbury with the Chanel duster, heels, and a clutch.
  • Athleisure: Pair the Bradbury with white Keds and a sling bag.
  • BOHO: Pair the Bradbury with a denim jacket, fringe boots and a head wrap.
  • Poolside posh or Beach-combing: Wear over your swimsuit with a floppy hat, sandals, and shades!

Bradbury Fit Notes:

  • Sleeveless dress with an empire waist.
  • Double layered top for extra support.
  • Fitted bodice with lots of stretch for movement.
  • Gathered skirt with floor length hem.
  • Sizing offered in Piphany’s revised 7-scale size run, XS-3X

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I say these are limited release, I mean it…BUT, if you order from me I will make sure you get FREE Shipping too….so what in the world are you waiting for, get on in here and get these in your closet ❤  XOXO MJ

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Sorry…and Thank You

Well, I am sorry!!  I haven’t been active in here much, so much has gone on in my life…which is now getting resolved, leveling out, and finding its place!  But, I have greater than great news…and you will want to hear all about it!  Where to begin….

Professionally, my business has totally taken off and wow, busy is an understatement.  I know that some of you have dropped in and supported me in my Piphany boutique venture.  And, it is so appreciated, you all ROCK!!  Did you see those giveaways…wow, you all helped to raise my business to another level and build my team…and I am so blessed….thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  But, anyways…let’s talk about some newness….

WooHoo…Classy Chix Galleria has taken on a new adventure, Piphany has come out with lots of releases (I will catch you up)…and mentoring has started taking off.  So, where to begin…

Change, that is where we will begin.  Change is one of those things that not everyone handles well, but I am learning that when the world has placed you where you need to be (and should be) – on your path, it seems easier to pick up and go with things!!  I love being with a company that makes adjustments and I realized today that people are human…everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we let it affect our lives that matters!  So, let’s just say that there is a saying I love…about change…  “The only way to  make sense out of change is to jump into, move with it, and join the dance”, that is a quote from Alan W. Watts.  So, are you up against a change where you are in life?  Maybe taking a step back would be a benefit, prior to reacting.  Lesson learned, all to late, for some…but learned just the same.  Thank you for allowing me the sanity to remind myself that change is the only constant and that without it, we may be headed in the wrong direction!  So, enough of all that…let’s talk about the releases from Piphany – in fact join us on our FB page (Friday Night Live is a hoot!) – facebook.com/groups/classychixboutique

See you all in a bit!


person holding clear ball in shallow focus photography
Photo by McKylan Mullins on Pexels.com


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Ok, so yes it is a Slim Fit pant, and yes we are a world that wants to look good in all that we wear!  Piphany designers know just this…and thus, yet another awesome release this week!!  Welcome to the Manhattan!!  Flexibility of your favorite jeans and leggings mixed together, perfect for your busy lifestyle!  This awesomeness comes in 9 colors!!!  Look at these…….

Let’s talk waistband for you gals that know what you like…so we have an encased flat elastic (1 3/4″) that is smooth and supportive – but it’s not stretching out!  The front faux fly leads to a smooth look under your top!  The back pockets are functional and perfect!  The length, 29″ inseam on all sizes and a classic rise is right at the waist on most gals!  So the WOW factor is here….are you ready?  Come on and take a private tour, pick out an outfit or two! Classy Chix Boutique ft. Piphany

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Marlot – Let’s Say Love

dfc7b05ba9583743d9cc82e19a72b160-url_lgSeriously in love! Yes, I know…I say this with every release, but oh-mmmm-geeee….loveee!  This tunic dress right here, ladies…they call this baby The Marlot!  And, she is amazing!  How about a little bit of info on this one?

Ok, so release was yesterday (4/17/18) and wow the release went off the charts….which I have found to be happening a lot with Piphany!

First, because they are flying off the shelves, join our VIP group and get this info first…and get to shop first too!!!  Ok, so…let’s talk about this gorgeous, fun tunic dress!

The Marlot; a wonderful curved neckline (your best v-neck)!!  The hemline, eek…it’s flattering and curved.  And, it hits at the knee on most gals….but even above or below the knee this is just awesomely beautiful!  Look at those fitted 3/4 sleeves, and that comfy, relaxed look of the body of this dress…eek!!  I have big plans for mine…over leggings/jeggings, dressed up or down, and alone of course!!  But, it will transition beautifully for any event, work, play…just anywhere this will be a summer hit!


This dress will easily become the one you grab for the most. It can easily be taken from day to night! So there are about 20 different designs and the material is to die for…amazing to say the least!  Most of the prints are even wrinkle free, so can you say..Vacation packing goodies??  Oh yesss!

Private sessions to shop are available to you, contact us today and let’s get this on the way to your closet!! They are headed into our boutique for local gals, but we have your back if you want it sooner!  I don’t think you want to miss this one!  Message us at piphanybymj@gmail.com




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Merci Is Here!

Ohhhhh Mmmmmm Geeeee!!!  The Merci is out!  What the what?  You know that I get really excited…so…let’s chat quick about this brand new top at Piphany by MJ!  Piphany released tonight the latest (and yes, the greatest!) top – it’s name…  The Merci!  So, wow…they are on their way into our in store boutique (look for us here to get in on info for the live that will feature them!)

So, did you know that in French, Merci is Thank you, lol…I didn’t know, but I had to research it with all the French clothing that is coming out this month with us!!  (Hint, Hint…Merlow is coming too!!!)!  So, Piphany is moving over to the French culture…I mean heck, have you seen their clothing…eek!!  How exciting and fashionable all at the same time!  So the Merci top features these awesome ties that make this top versatile!  You know I loveeee versatility in my clothing~win win!  Think of elegant…classy…Merci!021d643ef7cdbdc833d0bac880777b4b

So more info…  Scooped neckline, gorgeous asymmetrical hem and the attached tie/belt that allows you to customize this top to you, and for you!  Seriously, front tie, back tie, side, knot…bow….eek!!!  Here is the nice part of this line…but also of this top…you can dress it up for work, dress it down for fun…and maybe I should mention those cool pants the girls are wearing in the picture here…ummm…shhh…promise not to tell?  They are also going to be coming out this month…EEK!!!  And, a Tunic Dress too…I mean, this is totally game changing!


Ok, I know that you love to know the fit of things before you get them, so the Merci has a short sleeve (not tight), a flowing fit through the shoulders and bust – think of the Torrance feel!  The awesome belt is sewn in the back and allows you to make the look all yours.  Did I mention tunic length, oh yes, and the right side hits about mid-hip and the left side is going to hit about high on your thigh (well, that depends on your height and of course, torso!).  This beauty will be in XS – 3X, so let’s chat if you are unsure which size is best for you!!

I am hosting private or group styling dates…you choose the time, bring your friends or shop alone…and let’s get some Piphany in your closet!  And, by the way, you get to pick your own styles in this date…lol….woohoo!!  Tell me that isn’t pretty darn awesome!! You won’t at all be unhappy!







If you need help with styling, want to schedule a personal styling session, or just have a question in general, you can contact me here!

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Make Up, or Not?

Most guys are really lucky…they aren’t expected to be made up in beautiful colors and looking great most of the time…lol…that being said, I personally don’t leave the house without my ‘face’.  But, lately, as changes are taking place (age…yuck) I have noticed that my skin is just not behaving the way that it used to behave! Age has brought on veins over my eyes, pores that look huge, and even adult acne (yes, guys you are lucky!!).  How in the world do I stop it…well, if you know me at all by now, I will try every darn thing that comes along until I find one that suits me perfectly.  So, over the last 2 years, I have done just that….yep, 2 years of this trial and major error stuff!

Last month, a friend had a Facebook virtual event, you know those things that we all get invited to 100 times a week, and we ignore them.  But, then the hostess starts tagging us to get us to come out and see what is going on….well, I am the friend that goes to them all.  If I can get out of buying, great…but most of the time, I can’t…lol.  I probably just said way too much to you all….I hear those invites clicking lol!  So, I got interested in the product. Now, remember I said that for the past 2 years I have been trying products…well foundation is one of these products.  I am in the public eye a lot either on Facebook live events with my clothing line, local events, in home events…you get the picture.  With all the hot lights, the packing/unpacking, the Florida heat/humidity…need I say more?  By the time the event starts, I am a hot mess….and my foundation is melting off of me.  So, ladies, have you ever been there??  EEK!  I feel like I am in the Insidious movie…and I look like it too.  So I am the one that is running to the bathroom, to touch up because once again, my chosen brand, failed me…yes, epic fail!  Ok, get to the point, MJ….right…I was starting to hear scary movie theme songs..lol.  Image result for memes about makeup

So I will give you the ending before I give you the why…I did an one hour live event in the heat of bright lights, moving around, and all.  At the end of the night, I stopped dead and realized that I didn’t touch up after set up and before the live. EEK!  Panic struck, I watched the replay and wow…I looked ok.  No more scary movie theme sounds in the background! So I cleaned up my area, and long story short, curled up in bed ready to critique my upcoming week agendas.  I fell asleep, yes without taking off my makeup.  When I woke up 6 hours later…I freaked because I just knew that my makeup was going to be everywhere…including on the clothing I still had on…lol.  But, NOTHING!  I ran to the bathroom and my makeup still looked good~what the what?  Ok, I changed, washed my face and went to the computer to let that event hostess and representative know that I am in awe right now!  I was met with many women saying how happy they were as well…wow, did I just find the mother load of makeup awesomeness?  I did…and I have to share it with you all.  Because-cosmetics-products.jpg

I will write more on the company later, but take a peek at this and believe me when I tell you that I am totally standing behind this brand 199%! Click here to see what I am using! I am also using a moisturizer that I think is helping with my problem skin and that is here (Amazon).  I am also looking into a facial cleanser from Lush (I was actually referred to it in this same event), I am trying the Coal Face – I will report later on this one too!  In the meantime, I have ordered the entire line from this company and I had to share with you…if you are looking for something that just may help you (and you have to read up on them too, they support different causes, very cool!), I can save you a lot of time.  So, I am off to another event, but I had to bring y’all up to date on my shenanigans…lol.  Hugs and TTYL!  MJ

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Maybe Breast Cancer?

Most of you know that I am a Entrepreneur at heart..and during the day too!  I have a little fun with a few direct sales companies ( https://linktr.ee/piphanybymj ) but I also have a few that are very near and dear to me….  I am going to talk about one of them now.  But in a sense that I am mostly reaching out to help ladies to understand what is possibly happening to them in the course of a day in a bra.  Yes, I said it…in a bra!  I just want to add in here a little food for thought, then I will give you a link that you can watch, to develop your own thoughts.

Now, for the disclaimer first, I hold a MBA in Business and Marketing.  Now, that in no thway qualifies me in health or any other field, especially not bra-ology!  But, I do sell an alternative to the bra, a cami that gives you a support (minus the feel of being in a sausage casing!).  This isn’t just any cami, it is a cami that literally has allowed me to burn my bras…yep, gone!  No more are the days of those uncomfy things.  I don’t care how much I spent on them, they were damn uncomfy, period!  Ok, so back on topic!

I wanted to bring my clients something of value, something that lets them know that I care about them and if this is true, they need to know.  I didn’t know!  My Mom didn’t know…and this has happened to her, so I don’t want anyone else to go through this at all! So I am going to list this link here – and I will let you decide if you want to watch it or not!  I feel that is it pretty powerful and studying it this week, I feel strong enough to put it out there on my blog…not so that you will come and purchase from me, but so you will have a thought of being able to make a decision.  I  mean, when I was growing up, bras were a necessity and if you didn’t wear one, no matter how it felt, you were thought ill of…who needs that?

I have followed Marta Taylor for a bit…and when I found this video, after reading a bit of the book, Dressed To Kill.  Then I was given another piece of information that led me to the same direction…and you know me, I am a creature of signs…and this is a sign for me to relay to you!  Take a minute, ladies…watch this and develop your own opinion.  If you decide to be without a bra, and would love to know how awesome my product would be for you…just message me, or email me at targetedsuccess101@gmail.com – Facebook: facebook.com/groups/ditchyourbranow Website: rubyribbon.com/maryjospicer

Thank you for following me ❤ It does mean a lot to me to help you with my passionately curious ways…  ❤  mj


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Hire Yourself!

Ok, as you know I am a serious entrepreneur who believes that it takes several streams of income to succeed fully in working from home, for yourself.  I took a friend up on a total whim and joined Piphany, developed my own boutique online..and ran with it.  I haven’t looked back.  And, now we have something that you may love too!!  So, sit a minute and let me tell you a little about my opportunity.  Now, it’s ok if it isn’t for you…maybe you will know someone….and I wouldn’t be talking it, if I wasn’t succeeding in it….and as of next Monday, it will be even easier for success!!!!  So, here it goes!a85ddc47dbc519e35a59d8fe6ba8bc0f38c3fbbf.png

Maybe (or maybe not…lol) you were thinking about becoming a Piphany stylist? Well, Piphany is launching, on  April 2, 2018, a business model that is about to put them over the edge of WOW!!!  So, here is the thought….actually the concept!  Instead of taking out a mortgage to get inventory, let’s try a plan that allows you to sell with screen sharing (many programs we can recommend to do this free!!), and actually see the style, the sizes available and (best of all) the print!!!  YES!  You get to pick your prints!  But, if you still want a boutique, that is ok too, we can set you up there too!  But, honestly, how about only ordering (at wholesale) enough for you to show off…and having a party on the computer…let your clients pick what they want!!  WOW!  So, this will start a whole new world of shopping…and get your entrepreneur self off the ground, easily, and quickly! Here’s what you need to know:

  • $199 annual fee waived for the first year if you onboard before March 31 and order at least $500 in inventory at onboarding.
  • Websites and stock photos provided. $29/month fee, which is waived if you buy/sell at least 10 items per month (which is ezpz!) or have at least 1 stylist in your downline.  But, there is no pressure to build a team…you can do this on your own…or with a friend or two!
  • No need to carry inventory! Customers can shop with you from your web carousel, and items purchased will be shipped from warehouse, no more inventory all over your home! You decide when to showcase the carousel…one on one showings, groups showings, totally at your convenience!
  • If you do decide to carry inventory, you’ll be able to choose your own prints. WHAT THE WHAT!  This is huge, no getting stuck with those ugly prints that no one wants….and then they get stale in your inventory…and well, you know the rest of the story!
  • Earn up to 45% commission on your sales. Commission depends on your monthly total.
  • Opportunity to earn additional compensation for building a team. Earn up to 7% commission for leading a team to success.
  • TEAM! I can’t speak for other teams at Piphany, but I can assure you that our upline leader(s) are all there for us…all hours of the night!  They don’t hide when there is a problem, they jump in and help us to solve it…and communication with the company and the team, SUPERB!!

Ok, so now I will ask you your thoughts…I am not a high pressure person, I just want you to know what you can have and what you can get, and where you can get it!  The answer may just be right here!  ❤  Hugs, ya’ll…ready to chat when you are ready!

PS…if you want to take a look at my boutique, I keep inventory on hand for events and personal shopping visits from friends….but I will also move to the new system!  Take a peek at my boutique at classychixboutique.com – if you prefer VIP groups on Facebook, visit mine at facebook.com/groups/classychixboutique



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Grand Opening Ladies

Well, it is coming up on the Grand Opening of our shop, Classy Chix Boutique featuring Piphany!!!  We are so excited!!  The nice thing is that you don’t have to be on Facebook to shop with us…yay!!  I love being able to move away from there just a tad…sometimes!!

So, we are opening with a little over 100 pieces, and will be offering live events, where you get to see my face!!  Don’t be too excited..lol.  But, we will also be scheduling group and one-on-one sessions so that you can shop the warehouse and grab your own styles, sizes, designs….oh yes, I said designs!!  You get to pick your designs with us!!  Starting next week, we will be introducing that system to you.  🙂  So, if you are on Facebook, and want to join us…see us at facebook.com/groups/classychixboutique – but if you aren’t that is ok…hit up our albums (grand opening in Wednesday 3/28) and make sure you register to shop (it’s FREE!!!).  🙂  Remember, I love free!!!social_cover.jpg

Want to know what the best part event.jpgof owning a clothing business is…lol…free clothing!!  So, yes, I wear what I sell…and loveeeee it!  OMG, I tried these Palazzo pants and WOW, Loveeee…bye bye leggings…hello Palazzo!!  ❤  Even learned how to shorten them…FREE!  WHAT…yep, FREE!  So, I am excited to see you all, come on in and take a peek…may not be your cup of tea, but I bet you can compliment me by referring me to your friends!  I am out for personalized shopping experiences…you in??


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Tea Drinkers Unite!

Oh Lord….I love my tea!  Sweet tea please, all day long..lol!  Even though the doc says to chill on the tea a little, my sweet tooth is screaming loud and then the desire for it takes over…and before I know it, I have a nice huge cup with lots of crushed ice!!  Who here is with me??  I know you know what I am saying…lol.
tea.pngSo, I happened to be talking with a friend that is a representative of TeaCopia.  Heck, to sign up free this month, what the heck..you know I am down for that!  She got me when she said, ‘sign up for free today, get 40% off your own purchases through your back office’!  I am in all the way!  So, they have teas that aid in certain things that I suffer from…like I can fall asleep, but staying asleep, ugh…that is a whole negative situation there.  So, that was my first try…and wow…it worked!  Next on the list is Feel Good, just the name of it makes me want to try it.  And, they come in tea bags, not loose leaf tea (yes, I am lazy…give me a tea bag please!).  Oh, and 14 and 28 day supplies too…and the prices are not bad!  So, win win.  Anyway, I had to give you my review on the sleep tea, what would you like to try out?  Hit us up here and let us know what you think… N’Joy!

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P!phany – What is it?

Oh-M-Geee!!!  I came across a clothing line to absolutely cave any other lines out there….P!phany (pronounced pif-any) has taken off with some nice styles and they are growing fast and furious.  After changing their name, brand, business model, and comp plan in September, 2017, they are making a name for themselves!

Very much a ground floor opportunity with just over 2200 current stylists, starting a business for only $199 is a total game changing in this industry.  I am so excited to announce that we jumped on board as a stylist this past week…after many months of research into the right business for us.  Think about this….

  • Consultants will have access to inventory without having to carry tons of inventory!
  • No more taking out loans or selling your breast milk to get in on the gig!
  • No more debt and feelings of regret!
  • This business model is the first of its kind in the clothing industry!home-rocklin-1.jpg

So, presently Stylists purchase inventory at wholesale prices from Piphany and resell to clients on social media, in person pop ups, events, etc. There is no demand of having to carry a specific style or size, you get to truly run this like your VERY OWN business!

But that model is changing for the better too!  Very soon, like next month, P!phany is releasing a game changing way we can run our business that will allow us to pick our exact prints and inventory when we purchase it. We will be able to offer current inventory available in the Piphany warehouse to our customers in real time. Meaning we can sell the clothing without having to invest/purchase it first.  Stylist will be able to choose how much inventory they want to keep on hand.  WOW!!!!


How about this…let’s chat about your business goals, let me explain what you will get for $199 (this can be waived..so ask me how!).  Let’s decide how you want your business to run…then let’s stop chasing those dreams and grab ahold of them!  See you at Piphany!

VIP group: classychixboutique.com
Facebook: fb.com/groups/classychixboutique


Join us today – ONLY $199 – hello@classychixgalleria.com



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Love New Catalogs!!

EEEEK!!  Scentsy’s catalog is out and I don’t know about you but I am super excited to see it and buy from it…and love it!!!  This time of the year gets me very excited and makes me just want to jump up and down for all the new goodies!!!  So, it is ready to shop…Here!!!  Let’s talk some favorites, sorry guys, you may not love this as much as us gals do….but you may find something for you too!!

Wash for the Heart Laundry Bundle

Photo of Laundry Cause Bundle

Our new charitable cause product benefits Habitat for Humanity™ with every purchase, and includes one Laundry Liquid (in an improved formula!) and two Washer Whiffs in an exclusive fragrance, Pristine Waters.


New and improved Laundry Liquid

Our new six-enzyme formula cleans better, smells fresher and fights harder thanks to dirt-lifting and stain-fighting cleaning agents. Available in 14 fragrances.  I have to tell you, my children and I have VERY sensitive skin and we have only been able to use Photo of Scentsy Amazon Rain Laundry Productsanother brand forever….but then they changed the formula and the kids starting having reactions…I had to set out and try something else…this was it!  I happened on it by accident, ordered one in and it worked!!  It has this mom’s vote!!!

New Scentsy Body fragrances: Sugar and Shimmer

Our deluxe Scentsy Body products are now available in two of our most adored fragrances, Sugar and Shimmer! Layer on the whole line — from body wash to body cream — and feel (and smell!) sweet all day long.  Loveeeeee

Photo of Scentsy handsoap in sugar scent

New Scentsy Warmers and Diffusers

As always, we have tons of stylish new warmers and diffusers to freshen your décor. From the trendy tropical leaf pattern decorating our Rainforest FernWarmer to the striking Awaken Diffuser, there’s truly something for everyone.

Scentsy Rainforest Warmer

New fragrances

Between new Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Oils, you’ll find a stunning fragrance lineup that simply must be experienced firsthand! From White Grapefruit and Apricot Photo of March Scentsy FragrancesVanilla Scentsy Bars to Passion Fruit Bamboo Flower and Cherry Berry Chamomile 100% Natural Oils, Scentsy will keep your favorite spaces feeling fresh at all times.

Seriously, you just have to smell some of these!!

So are you ready to shop it up?  Hit up this site and tell us what you like the most!!  Then hit up our VIP site and you may just win what you love!!!  ❤

Our Fav VIP Group is Up and Ready for you!

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Home Design Affiliates

Calling all of you that aren’t really into Direct Sales, but have a love of a good affiliate program!!  I have found one that takes Affiliate status to a whole new level…read on!!

Ok, first let’s educate, Direct sales (DS) utilizes only reps to market the product on many levels, which usually bloats a price higher.  DS focuses on the product, not the brand so much, meaning that the product rarely changes.  Of course, there are non-compete rules, and other regulations that can be strict to some.  Marketing is done in social media, online, mail, etc.   That is direct sales 101, in a quick nut shell.

So, let’s talk about affiliates… A retail company that utilizes an affiliate program does not market 100% through their affiliates, they simply reward their affiliates for the traffic that they bring that converts to a sale.  This usually means no parties, vendor events…but a focus on the brand and not the product.  Usually there is not a kit to buy as products tend to change somewhat. Interesting right?

So, let’s talk about Snapdragon, which is a Super Affiliate and lies between DS and Affiliate programs.  So normally there is a small admin fee to join ($10 in this case), no kit offered, and you earn 10%-30% in most cases (1-2 levels earnings also may be present).  But the key here is to not bloat the price of the product.  Marketing is mostly 100% online for the affiliates across all platforms (link buys, blogs, social media, messenger, etc) The focus is on the brand, not the products. Conventional marketing methods are still used, but less as the super affiliates work closer with the company to do the majority of the marketing. There are usually no non-compete rules, and guidelines are generally more relaxed.  (Snapdragon Home uses the Super Affiliate model of marketing which has nothing to do with the business “Super Affiliate System”. That is a separate business entity and there is no connection between the two companies.)28379236_10215876007001432_4626371318747865874_n.jpg

Here at Snapdragon Home, affiliates are looking to drive as much interested traffic to the Snapdragon Home website via their own affiliate link. All sales are conducted online through the website, so in order to receive the referral bonus, the focus should be purely on generating leads and clicks using your link. Daily traffic = conversion to sales = money to you for the referral!!

If you would like more information on affiliates and SnapDragon Home specifically, feel free to contact us.  🙂  To get information on our March 12th launch, sign up here!!

We are really excited to bring this fun, flash sale excitement brand to you…watch for it!!27973388_10215816132264601_5731890038386599485_n.jpg


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Website Open!

Our Custom Clothing and Accessories has launched the website, and I would love to know what you think about it!  For those of you that have already purchased, I know that you have loved your goodies…and have helped us to get even better as we grow bigger!

Take a peek…  http://classychix.cinderellascloset.shop/ – We have had to narrow down the options a little, but we will still be able to submit custom designs, but make them your own…we can’t tread on other’s trademarks!  EEK, this is just so exciting!!!


Need something customized, submit it to us at hello@classychixgalleria.com

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Organized Chaos

It amazes me when I go to a vendor event and I see representatives of direct sales companies loading up in a total chaotic state!  I love the fact that I can load up my goodies in my Thirty One gear, look stylist, have my company name there and all!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to advertise while they organize!  Love my chaos organized, thank you!  So, of course, I had to find my fav Thirty-One item, and it is, hands down, the Large Utility Tote!  And, of course, I have it personalized…because yep, that baby is now a write off!  ❤  EEK!  Tax time trials no more here!  Anyway, so between personalization and organization, I thought others could use this type of thought!

I have been organizing work areas for a long time, especially in small start up type businesses.  Next to training employees to do their job effectively, you should also give them the tools to be organized and ready to work for you!  Well, now is the time.  Let’s look at work spaces and let’s get organized.  Who is first?  New to Thirty One? Take a peek here to see what it is all about!  I look forward to seeing your pictures!


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Let’s Talk CBD

I get asked everyday why do you promote CBD, and there’s really not a clear cut answer for those that aren’t open to the concept of the product. I can’t change their views, nor do I want to. I’m sharing something with each of you, something that’s changed parts of life for me…. I’m going to share some thoughts, borrowed in part by my team… You are free to decide what’s best for you…. no claims made here, just the facts, research and education is suggested on your part….

Below is a quick list of the Top Ten Reasons (easily could be top 100) many are choosing CTFO

1. CTFO has the absolute Highest Quality CBD products on Planet Earth. Period. Our manufacturer buys raw ingredients from multiple sources and that is why we are able to offer Isolate and Full Spectrum. Simply look at our RECENT Independent Lab Reports and there is no dispute who offers the absolute highest quality.

2. CTFO has an amazing line up of 24 CBD products, while this other company does not. And we will be launching many more products soon, stay tuned

3. CTFO pricing is so much better. Boom !!

4. CTFO offers Free websites and Zero Cost to become an affiliate.

5. CTFO hands down has a better compensation plan. Everyone WINS with CTFO
Anyone that knows MLM, knows that Binaries are HORRIFIC and most people never make money in them. Binaries have insane breakage that go to the company.

– With CTFO the compensation plan is simple and designed to work for everyone including the little guy without much or any experience.
– No left leg or right legs to build and having to make decisions of where to place people or balancing.
– The system automatically places everyone at the best position for you to maximize your compensation.

6. CTFO has Lower Requirements to Maintain Maxing out your Commission
– With CTFO there is no buy in. Everyone starts the same. The only requirement to maximize your commission is to order $47 per month worth of products or have 10 active customers or affiliates and no personal purchase is necessary.

7. CTFO offers a 60 Day Guarantee.

8. CTFO has a real customer service staff with people answering the phones.

9. CTFO does NOT require an autoship.

10. CTFO owners only get paid in the compensation plan. The exact same way every other CTFO Associate is.

Bonus: We are having a ton of fun in CTFO

Are you ready for the journey?

Purehemp101.com here’s some research ♡

Http://bit.ly/ctfobizfree here’s the start of your future ♡

Until next time…..xoxo

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Oh Baby…

I am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, innovative, caring atmosphere with Ruby Ribbon – I want to share just a bit of what we are doing for others….join us at facebook.com/groups/ditchyourbranow for the VIP specials!!  Now…read all about it!!

BURLINGAME, Calif.Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ruby Ribbon, the Silicon Valley-based apparel company known for its revolutionary bra-replacement shapewear, has announced its first nursing camisole.  Designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers, the Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami combines all the benefits of a Ruby Ribbon Cami (lifting, smoothing, shaping and back-support) with the convenience of a nursing bra.

Ruby Ribbon’s Nursing Cami improves upon the traditional nursing bra with comfortable wire-free support of any size bust, back support, and full belly coverage. Variable compression fabric featuring 360-degree stretch not only smooths and trims the midriff, it also offers extra comfort by providing back support. An easy one-hand clasp enables quick, easy access for multitasking moms.

“We are thrilled to offer a more stylish, versatile and comfortable alternative to the traditional nursing bra,” said Anna Zornosa, CEO and Founder of Ruby Ribbon. “Our Nursing Cami can be layered under everything from button-down shirts and tunics to dresses and sweaters, allowing women to discreetly nurse anywhere. It goes the extra mile by providing wire-free bust support, along with smoothing belly and back coverage. It’s the new 3-in-1 must-have for nursing moms.”




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Supporting Good Causes

As you all know, Breast Cancer Research is near and dear to my heart, so it would only make sense that when we were searching for a new linen to add to our growing offerings here at Classy Chix Galleria, we would search out a company that gives back!  We found it in Nygard Style Direct.

Peter Nygard has the same passion I have when it comes to Breast Cancer Research, his is from a personal experience including his mom and this disease.  As a part of Nygard for Life Initiative, the company has opened 2 state of the art breast cancer research units over the years, to include The Nygard International Molecular Biology Breast Cancer Research Unit and The Breast Cancer Tumour Bank.  The Breast Cancer Tumour Bank is the only one of its kind in the world and currently houses more than 8,000 different types of breast cancer tumours.

The global medical research studies taking place at these NYGÅRD Breast Cancer Research Units benefit women worldwide. World-renowned scientists are working together to eradicate breast cancer.Their goal is to diagnose breast cancer earlier so they can target individual treatment to patients. Researchers are also working to identify markers currently present in non-cancer patienWPG-pict’s blood and urine in hopes of creating a test that shows cancer markers that exist in tumours; (read the full story over on the Winnipeg Free Press HERE).

Remember, that women from 50-69 should go for breast screening every 2 years, so go ahead and just book the appointment.  For more information on how you can help, contact me today!

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Nygard is In!

We are so excited to have secured a line by the famous Peter Nygard!  I mean, geez…what quality, great outfits that all work together…and the company stands behind so many charities!  EEK!  To say the least, we are excited.  So, the one item that we will carry the most of, is the SLIMS – and WOW….if I may say, you look GREAT in these pants and jeans!  So you are ready to get in a pair of these, let’s talk about fit!

Long gone are the days of ill-fitting jeans and uncomfortable fabrics. Your curves deserve better. When selecting your SLIMS, don’t automatically go for the size you think you need. Instead, opt for one size smaller than you would normally wear. Our jeans and leggings look their best when they fit snug and hug your curves. Sizing down will take inches off your waistline, making you look and feel a whole size smaller, while providing unrivaled comfort.

Our SLIMS are all designed with Slimcurve technology which eliminates the dreaded muffin top, delivers gentle compression to the hip and thigh area, lifts and curves your butt and elongates your legs. Let’s not forget about our wide variety of slimming waistbands which also help you shed an inch or two. Pull-on pants are a great alternative to your traditional zip and fly fastening, creating a super smooth stomach thanks to added support.

Still not sure where to start? Take a look at our sizing chart to get your measurements in check and identify your true SLIMS size.

Wow, oh Wow!  Are you ready, Click Here to see the entire collection!!  Or, touch base with us and let our stylists get your needs covered and on your way to looking great with no dieting and exercise ❤  🙂

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Tooth Knowledge Shared

Amazing, I have been doing this…with awesome results!!  Had to share this one!!  Need more information, I would love to share – purehemp101.com

Food for thought……great post by Scott Cook.

Did you know, or have you thought…..a drop or two of CBD oil on your toothpaste might save you a LOT of pain and money…..I put CBD onto my toothbrush every day!!!! Why?

Cannabinoids and CBD for Gum Disease

What Is Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is a disorder of the gum muscle and bone. Unlike gingivitis, periodontitis is linked with the inevitable destruction of the bone supporting the teeth in. Gum hollows start up within the root and gum and function as reservoirs for bacteria if not treated. The extent of bone damage differs from person to person, but if it is not treated it can lead directly to tooth loss.

NOW…..remember that CBD has fantastic anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties (that is why pesticides and other chemicals are not needed to grow hemp)….

Up to 70% of the adult community will apparently get some periodontal infection, and 20% will squander a significant amount of teeth if they do not accept surgery as their best option.

Like gingivitis, periodontitis is typically painless, and by the time subjects grow conscious of problems, usually teeth growing extremely loose and tend to shift out of adjustment severe harm has been done. If found early, most periodontitis operations are successful.

According to the mainstream dental neighborhood, there is only one primary reason and one path for periodontal infection. This is what they think:
• Everyone’s mouth is full of bacteria
• Mucous that coats our teeth joins with bacteria to create plaque
• If plaque is not cleaned and flossed aside every day, it changes into tartar
• Tartar brings more bacteria, appearing in more tartar
• Tartar and bacteria produce contamination of the gums
• Openings develop in the gums and are incapable of holding your teeth
• Tartar cannot be wiped away; a dentist must remove it.
• Oral cleanliness and dental sanitation are the only protection toward gum disease

How Is CBD Helpful?

Cannabinoids are biochemicals with a distinguished anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial impact.

When endocannabinoids are injured or blocked from working in the body, the heart suffers.

CBD, one of the cannabinoids, is accessible from the hemp plant. It is not THC, which is a new cannabinoid composite that is the active element in cannabis.
cbd-oil-logo_1Cannabidiol has no or minimal psychoactive outcomes or deadly effects.

CBD has been said to provide the elements an individual’s body needs to help with the gum disease.

Researchers are finding new data as each day goes by. Cannabinoids are active receptors in the hemp plant.

Elimination of the jaw in periodontitis is linked to particular nasties creating infection in the tissues and bone, along with swelling and absorption of bone.

A Recent study in animals has confirmed that:

CBD will reduce this swelling and block damage of the jaw that is a portion of the infected area. It is likely that supplemental CBD could enhance restorative and periodontal therapy by decreasing these damaging changes effected by severe gum disease.

Ref Study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19070683

So….starting right away……when you brush your teeth, consider adding a drop or two of CBD oil to your toothpaste! It could save your gums and jaw!  Order yours today – purehemp101.myctfocbd.com

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Magnesium Deficient?

Did you know that 55% of Americans are deficient in magnesium??  I am one of these people, so off to see how to resolve this without another prescription…  I was told this by my doc…and I went on a search for quality without a high price! Here is more news, when magnesium is taken topically, it only takes 26 seconds to reach the blood stream & goes straight to the muscles.  Is this you? I have the answer!!

Symptoms of poor magnesium intake can include muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, and chronic pain. It pays to ensure that you get adequate magnesium before signs of deficiency occur.  So, here are some thoughts when you wonder if you have enough magnesium (of course, talk to your doctor, like I did!!).

Do you drink a lot of sodas?  A lot of darker colored sodas contain phosphates (yep…didn’t know that either!!).  They bind with magnesium in the digestive tract and make the magnesium unavailable to the body!!  EEK!  So drinking a lot and you are flushing your magnesium!

Magnesium-Trio.pngYou know I had to go here…how about that diet of yours?  Refined sugars (pastries, candies, cakes….)?  No magnesium value here and it causes your body to excrete what magnesium you do have through the kidneys.  Back to the good food idea!!

Here is one, how about stress??  Do you have a lot of this in your life (I am raising my hand high on this one…)?  Stress can be a cause of magnesium deficiency, and a lack of magnesium tends to magnify the stress reaction, worsening the problem. Because stressful conditions require more magnesium use by the body, all such conditions may lead to deficiency, including both psychological and physical forms of stress such as surgery, burns, and chronic disease.  Oh geez….who here is in trouble here?  Did you remember that I have the answer??

Meds can be culprits too, talk to your doctor about what you are taking that is playing havoc on your magnesium intake; birth control pills are one!!  Alcohol consumption, yep that takes it too!!  Come and see us at myjestore.com/classychix for more details on Magnesium Lotion and how topically is the way to go to replenish your magnesium. ❤

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This Day In History…

Well, I know…it seems pretty crazy to talk about what is behind us…but as I was signing on to blog tonight, I realized that today was kind of important to a few people (or maybe a lot of people…lol).  So, on this day…..just a few….Image result for interesting

1998 Dale Earnhardt wins first Daytona 500

After two decades of trying, stock-car racing great Dale Earnhardt finally wins his first Daytona 500, NASCAR’s premier event, on this day in 1998.

1903 First Teddy bear goes on sale

On this day in 1903, toy store owner and inventor Morris Michtom places two stuffed bears in his shop window, advertising them as Teddy bears. Michtom had earlier petitioned President Theodore Roosevelt for permission to use his nickname, Teddy. The president agreed and, before long, other toy manufacturers began turning out copies of Michtom’s stuffed bears, which soon became a national childhood institution.

1965 Canada adopts maple leaf flag

In accordance with a formal proclamation by Queen Elizabeth II of England, a new Canadian national flag is raised above Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.


Hmmm….well, there was more but you get the idea.  It’s kind of fun to hit up the History.com site and see what happened on this day in history!!  Who has the TimeHop app (or maybe there are other apps that do this?) on their phone, where they can go back in their own history and see Facebook posts, and the such?  I love that darn thing…sometimes it is just ok to go back in history……

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Review Time, CTFO

So on a whim, and looking for a better alternative then I was seeing, I set out to find a company that was honest, stable, had good values…and could provide me with a product that I was safe in using and referring to others.  I found that in CTFO (Changing the Future Outcome) and Pure Hemp 101.   So, I signed up (hey, it’s FREE – why not make a little money too!!), and ordered a set of sprays – now let me tell you about them…my review ❤

Pure Hemp 101 Information

Weight Loss Oral Spray:  First off, wow.  Immediately, no cravings.  AND, a great salted caramel taste, is making this even better.  Not too many weight loss goodies taste yum!!  Oral absorption is up to 90% effective, which is allowing the body to utilize the ingredients fast.  Thru these oral means, the nutrients go directly to the blood stream and cells. So the results is help to control appetite and increased metabolism, while promoting fat loss.

Energy Blast Oral Spray: Ok, so I thought what a great thing to use with my weight loss spray; because it is designed to help focus minus that familiar crash! Now, I have never been one for energy drinks, so I don’t have to replace that (but I know some of you do).  This provides a better alternative with a blend of Vit B12, A and D for energy!

Pet Health Oral Spray:  You all know I love my grandpup (sometimes more then I love my kids…shhhh), so helping him with inflammation, arthritis, and joint pain was a win win.  But, I am seeing that there is more to this for Bubba…general health (manages anxiety, mood…YAY!!) and digestion too!  He doesn’t minds the taste apparently…lol…but it can be tried on his food too!

Now these are the 3 that I have used so far…and I am liking it!!  I will be back to review the others as I use them more.  🙂  Remember, I am not making statements to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailments.  You can see the general information about the products on their site by clicking here.  Message me if you have any questions, or you can visit purehemp101.com for more information 🙂


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Because I am Curious…

Ok, so as you know (you did read my ‘About Me’ section, right?) I am a sufferer of many ailments, sometimes more then I care to think about.  So, over the last few months, one thing has really come into my nightly routine and that is leg cramps!  So, of course, I have no use for yet another pill…or even taking ibuprofen every night…I mean, geez, I am really over throwing pills at my ailments.  So, I sat back and decided that this is just one more thing that I should deal with…..seriously!  Nope, not me…I am curious (LOL), so to the research I go!!  26903880_10214399862291388_7851910329974447300_n.jpg

Well, guess what…shortage of magnesium is what I keep finding.  So, let’s keep on looking, because surely my doc would know this right?  Well, according to what I am reading on the FDA sites, 55% of Americans are below the recommended allowance of magnesium.  What?  So, this is worth the read for sure…I am seeing that my leg/foot cramps possibly could be related here…..hmmm.  And, my fibromyalgia, bingo….I am starting to see this connection.  So I went on a search for a company that I could trust to give me what I need, and keep me away from the next prescription….guess what, I found one….and, the goals of the company, the mission, the product…it all aligns with where I need/want to  be in my life….double BINGO!  Take a peek at this video, then let’s talk…. https://youtu.be/a8OURK-MV7Y ❤  Take a look at this product line too, click here…eek, so much more for a better you!!

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And there you have it…

There is that pivotal moment in your life or business, where you realize why you do what you do…I mean we all feel that way at some point, some early, some later…

So, as you all probably have figured out, my main j.o.b. is offering the opportunity of feeling and looking great, through foundation wear (hate the word ‘shape wear’).  I do a ton of ‘in home consultations’ and given the product, it is more private that way!  So, I get the phone call (you know that call that gets you so dang excited that you can’t sit still…) that a friend of a friend would love for me to make a visit.  So, we schedule the date/time and it’s on the calendar…and this is a very special visit, one that I have been waiting for and I was so ready to change her life, I just know it will too!!  Today is that day….here  is how it went….

She attempted to cancel…lol….she was nervous, just newly out of treatment for breast cancer processes and radiation too.  No bra…no demi…feeling so desperate to reserve a small amount of dignity.  She had already taken our cami to her team of doctors, and they said yes, she can wear it…and added it was perfect!  So, they are ready, I am ready…not to get her ready!!

In her home, I take her measurements, I send her into her personal area to try this on for herself….when she emerges she is in tears..I am in tears…it was perfect.  What in the world do you say to someone who is standing in front of you…perfectly at peace, swirling in the mirror, looking at herself with admiration.  You don’t say a word, you just let 23167517_10214613456953981_6817334193395478484_n.jpgher swirl…let her smile…let her love herself inside and out!  That is the motto of what I do…I change lives and it is more then a piece of clothing, it’s a turn of life for some.

This happened, and gave me the strength to know why I do what I do…and how to move forward with a line of awesomeness from foundation and more.  But that isn’t all, we are adding another line that accompanied her and I am sure many others…because added to her journey is chronic pain, pain so bad that sometimes clothing is not a possibility.  We feel that each of these lines, separately and together, can change the lives of many….and there you have it, that is our why!

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Moms and CBD Talk

This is a story about parents who have tried pharmaceuticals in an attempt to stop their childs’ seizures. Many parents with seizing children have given up hope until CBD oil, according to anecdotal reports. CBD is a super food that interacts with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. There are over 500 complex chemical compounds found in the cannabis sativa l. plant which science is starting to discover has health benefits. And many studies have been done for seizures and cannabis treatment with such good success for the seizing patients, many believe CBD has rendered much better success than conventional medicines.

Can you imagine these families living this everyday, looking for a cure for their babies…being desperate to find out what is best for them to have value in life?  Can you relate to this in any way?  Maybe, just maybe, the answer is right in front of you…pass this on to those that you love.  Help others for FREE – Click HERE for details.

For more information, you can visit us at purehemp101.com

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Spicy Rubies

Caught your attention, huh?  I am so excited to develop a team with a company that I love…Sales are booming at Ruby Ribbon and we don’t want to miss a thing.  So, as we build our team, I wanted to note a few things for those of you that are into team building.  Now I am not a self-proclaimed specialist here, and I do have some fabulous team members that give to others (which by the way, is important!!)…but I wanted to get some thoughts your way….FB_IMG_1446796251897

Vision/Mission – Think of where you are headed and where you want to go…pass that on to your network of followers (friends, family, network groups…etc).

Build confidence, build others!  Your belief in the fact that they can do this is huge to many, as they lose confidence and start to second guess their ideas (and even quit after joining you) due to lack of belief.  Send cards/texts/messages…build up everyone that comes into contact with you, your business, your team!

Put your team first, yes before you (it isn’t all about you, you know!!).  Devote time and energy to help your team, boost them in their business.  Build your team member’s enthusiasm, jump in and help with their events.  Believe me, doing for others will come back to you 100%.  Remember that giving a hand up, isn’t a hand out!

Ask questions of your team…what do you want this business to do for you, goals?  What interests you most about [leadership, the company, hosting a party, earning the trip, etc.]? On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to making your WHY a reality? Tell me about a recent success; what did it take? Ask open questions that require an answer…their thoughts, become your direction.

Recognize accomplishments…Influence growth.  No matter how small the accomplishment, celebrate it huge!  Announce it, motivate them and others.  Influence duplication and keep motivating your team to move toward their goals.  Teach them about dream boards/vision boards.

Ok, so about that team, are you ready to move them to the next level with you?  Influence them to be their best…as you continue to be your best.  Join our Mom-Preneur club for more details!!



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Story Telling Fun

Oh wow….so I finally have a You Tube channel!!!  lol…yes, little ole me finally taught myself how to upload my millions of lives to You Tube!! Now, to you this isn’t a big deal…for me, it is amazing!  So, what did I upload first, my Origami Owl Spring Reveal!

Take a peek, just a peek…honest, I won’t be mad if you don’t stay for a long time lol….but, hey as I move forward in my journey, you may want to see all that I do behind the scenes of Classy Chix Galleria and me!!  Ok, I will leave you alone…but…get in on these limited reveal items if you love O2…and if you don’t, what in the world is stopping you from becoming in love with it!  Tell your story, I can help!! ❤  Have a good night!

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It strikes me so funny that people are like gasping when you mention that you are using or carry a CBD line for others to try out!  But honestly, why are you gasping?  It’s kind of like how many people get into accidents that are using CBD/Hemp (NO THC)…let’s talk alcohol related accidents.  BUT….anyway, never been one to ‘follow the line’ so, why start now!!   This week was the launch of CTFO (Changing the Future Outcome), and for a company to launch in such a BIG way with the numbers and the quality, we may just want to sit up and take notice.  I did…and already this week, I have seen a profit!!  And, yep, made an order too!  Pain rub, check…sleep spray, chec26231081_1401310396663899_3364721430510513893_n.jpgk….and more…you get the idea!

So 700% is a once in a lifetime market increase. We will NOT SEE THIS AGAIN with ANY product for at least 50 years. But you have to ask yourself “why”? What is so special about this CBD/hemp oil? And why will CTFO CBD products be found in every American’s medicine cabinet? Maybe because people will SLEEP better, be HAPPY, will live more STRESS FREE. Long time PAIN gone in joints & muscles. And the list of Health Benefits goes on….

Listen, this may not be for you…I mean if you don’t want to make some cash, no worries.  Do you know someone who may be open to the opportunity??  Let’s chat and I will send you all the info you need to make a educated decision to join us on this journey…or even shop!!  🙂  purehemp101.com

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So, I have been paying a lot of attention to the things that happen in my life at 11:11…what about you?  So I decided that I needed to research this a little…lol….well, there is truly a meaning!!!  Who knew?

So, some believe that 11:11 means that angelic beings are close for love and protection to you.  I will research more…but I am seeing that some believe that the message is about yourself and the universe…definitely worth looking into, since I seem to always look at that clock at 11:11!

As I am reading back on my journal, I am seeing that I did many things at 11:11 so now I will be paying more attention to my thoughts and the reality around me.  I feel like maybe there needs to be a greater attention and focus on what we want…ahhh, positiveness!!!  YES!  I have always said…think and act positive and it will come to you!!  Proof in the pudding here!!!

Let’s think about ourselves…    Life desires…what do you want?  If we are being sent a message, stop and pay attention to what you are doing at 11:11 when you are seeing that time.  Are you thinking positively, negatively, or indifferent?  How about taking responsibility in what we think…do….both!  So, as I am getting deeper into this, I am starting to get the feeling that I have been brought this information for a reason!!

A professor, while working on my MBA, said to me, “the universe can’t judge your decisions, but it will make them happen…so think positively always”.  Hmmm, this is all making sense…we are the writer of our story, and this universe will make it happen for us….as we dictate, so we might want to be positive!

Networking Essentials…own a business, we have you covered right here…make it all make sense today!

Oh, remember when we would find things to make a wish…fountains at the mall was my thing!!  I would save up pennies and when we would go to the mall, I would spend all my time throwing the pennies in and making a wish.  I remember thinking how easy this was to do…looking back, did those wishes happen!!  Who knows…I am too old to remember!!  But, you can bet that I will be stopping and looking at the bigger picture now!  Those of us that are entrepreneurs, we believe that call to actions are important…leading your client/customer to an action!  It happens, it works!   So stop and think about what you are thinking next time you see 11:11…..follow that and see for yourself, I am!!

Well, this is a pretty awesome start to a great thought….I think I will think about it and get more aware, how about you?











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Crystal Passion

It’s really funny the things that come into your life and make you realize that there is such a force that we have before us…control of our mind and our surroundings can be much more then through choice!!

So, let’s talk about these awesome crystals and what impact they have had on the life of others.  Yes, these beautiful crystals have made their way into our newsfeed and life again.  They are gaining in popularity as people search for help in the power of them. Think about the past…many believed that they had the power to restore your health.  Many different people made traditions with them; including burying them with a deceased loved one.  But, heeded that they may not heal an ailment…but soothing the soul during a rough patch, they may just have the ability to do this.

Technology and the world that changes around us, drain us!  Why not seek to replenish our energy through natural means, clearing negative energies and increasing a calm in our life.


So how does this work?  It’s really as simple as targeting your need(s), having a crystal that aides you to work on that need.  I have seen where some will place their crystals in different energy spots in your body, placing them in your home, holding them in your hands…  But the main thing that I have researched is what crystal to choose for the goals you would like to achieve!  The rest is all about making someone feel better…  Can’t pass that option up, huh?

26733666_140955333369843_1605508808156333566_n.jpgSo, here is the small print from what I have read….this is not a medicine.  There is not a sure fire resolve or diagnosis to a medical condition.  But, if you believe in this method, your mood and how you handle things mentally and emotionally may just be on the mend.  I have read many researchers words about ‘fixing’ bad attitudes, but I also realize that this isn’t a sure fire fix for some of the bad attitudes lol.  Compassion will be important…if you are not a nice person, having a crystal under your pillow may not change that (sorry, but it should be said!!).  But, if you would like to learn how to move forward and get through what is going on in your life, I may have the answer.

Either way, crystals are coming to our website at classychixgalleria.com and we will also be educating on them at Love, Joy, Crystal Lair.  Need more reference to an exact issue you would like to target, we have those answers too!!  Contact us today!





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Custom Is Here!!

Oh finally….a custom option on our website!!!  YES!  So, do you want those team shirts made?  We have that!  Do you want to put a custom flair to your tops??  We can do that!  Soooo excited to open our custom area up for you to be creative!


Do you have special requests, let’s talk!!  Do you want to stay up on our new designs?  Join our FB page and show us some love!!  https://www.facebook.com/Classy-Chix-Custom-Galleria-151319572317266/

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For Men…Only

So, interesting enough…men happen to be a little upset that I have always carried women’s products…eek!  Never really thought much about the men’s product industry…but this company is changing my mind…take a look at their products!!


So, I am learning…give me a little credit here!!  Let’s start here, the difference between shave gel and shaving foam!!  Interesting blog from Simple Man follows….

Each man may have his preference, but is one better than the other? Should you choose Shave Gel or Shaving Foam for your best shave?

While personal preference may always win, each man is doing his skin a disservice if he simply grabs what’s cheapest and easiest to use.  Skin is the largest and fastest growing organ of the body, and it should be taken into consideration when determining which hair removal process is the best choice.

Some may debate that foam or gel are do-able and can work with either just fine. But what are some key components of each that you should weigh out to determine which is better for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons list for each:


  • Provides a barrier between the skin and the razor to prevent cuts and nicks.
  • Already lathered. Just apply to the skin.
  • Canned foams tend to be more air than actual product and this adversely affects the skin’s ability to upwardly suspend the hair, resulting in the burning sensation after shaving.
  • Can dry out the skin due to the alcohol content.
  • May have to reapply during your shave as foam tends to evaporate quickly.
  • Not suggested for those with dry and/or sensitive skin.


  • Provides a barrier between the skin and the razor to prevent cuts, nicks and razor burn.
  • Will need to lather some before applying to the skin. Lather will be less pronounced.
  • Less is needed so the product will last longer.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • The consistency and transparency of the gel allows you to see where your razor needs to go.
  • Better for thicker hair.
  • Faster hair removal.
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The choice is yours! But our choice is shave gel.  Hands down, gel provides the quickest, smoothest and closest shave while leaving your skin feeling great.

Simple Man’s Shave Gel contains Aloe Vera which has qualities to protect the skin, moisturize, to prevent razor burn and bumps, and to heal the skin.

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DNA, AC-11…Science!

Hmmm….Here are some highlights about DNA and AC-11. I find the science behind this fascinating!

AC-11 is a phytonutrient extract of the inner bark of a tropical plant (Uncaria tomentosa, a plant indigenous to the rain forest)
DNA carries our genetic codes and is the most important molecule in the body. Damage to DNA is the basis for aging and disease.

AC-11 effectively removes lesions from damaged DNA caused by oxidative and non-oxidative stress

AC-11 promotes DNA repair functions within the cell

AC-11 also stimulates collagen III production, the form of collagen associated with soft, supple skin

As we age, we lose collagen rapidly. By age 30, our collagen production has already decreased by almost 50%!

Laboratory studies show signficant, measurable increased in collagen III production in adult skin cells treated with AC-11
AC-11 also normalized the expression of NF-KB in the cells, thereby regulating cellular response to inflammation (an over-expression of NF-KB heightens inflammation.

AC-11 has a positive effect on Lymphocytes, increasing their life span and enhancing the body’s immune system.

In a nutshell, AC-11 can repair the very DNA within us which will prolong the aging process – amazing! We are leading the pack with this technology! ! I think we all should love this info!! 💪👌🧚‍♀️  Let’s chat about this….  facebook.com/ketdriven

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Tell Your Story….

Available through January 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT, or while supplies last…..

We all experience stress and emotional ups and downs from time to time. Mental illness goes beyond these ups and downs. Gratefully, with the proper treatment and help, those suffering from mental illness can live a happier, healthier life and to its fullest potential.

2018_January_FFG_600x600Origami Owl® wants to give back and tell others, “You are not alone,” with our “Find the Silver Lining” Living Locket® look!

Origami Owl will donate $1 from every Force For Good Locket look purchased to the National Alliance on Mental Illness in the U.S. and the Canadian Mental Health Association in Canada. These organizations raise awareness and provide support, education and advocacy to those experiencing mental illness, and to their families.


What: “Find the Silver Lining” Locket Look

  • Rain Cloud Charm – Early Release from our Spring 2018 Collection!
  • Large Silver Living Locket® with Crystals – Exclusive!
  • Large Silver “Find the Silver Lining” Plate – Exclusive!
  • 2 March Heart Birthstone Charms – Exclusive!
  • 2 December Heart Birthstone Charms – Exclusive!
  • 16-18” Faceted Ball Chain



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Fat Burning Machine!

I want to address this here. I have a few messages about ketones and ketosis. I want to give you my research and my studying, but I also want to encourage you to do your research and determine the best method for you!

It honestly is listening to your body. Remember, it took us a ton of years to get to this point in our life, so21617536_10212145389022673_4057909984552536851_nme of us will take a journey that is longer or shorter to get to a state of ketosis again. Ketosis is a metabolic state where most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where blood glucose provides most of the energy.

Becoming a “fat burning machine”, occurs when you have shifted your metabolism to relying on fat-based sources, instead of glucose (sugar) sources, as your primary source of fuel. Your body increases fat oxidation and breaks down fats into #ketones to be used as the primary energy source. Depending on your current level of carbohydrate intake (takes longer if you’re pretty sugar addicted), this process can take two weeks to six months to fully train your body, but once done, it’s done, and you have achieved fat-burning status that can stick with you for life. 💪👇

No automatic alt text available.

Take a peek about this Ketosis thing – https://topsuccess.pruvitnow.com/

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Measure Day!

Day 1, these stats are a distant memory!!  I can’t even believe that I have been on this journey for 28 days…and the results are so amazing, that I have to keep reminding myself that this is really ME!~


So, here I am at Day 28 – but, I want to reflect on my intentions of taking the #ketodriven path…  I suffered from a few ailments; blood sugar all over the place (very near Stage 2 Diabetes), Auto Immune Disease (I could go on and on about these symptoms…), Hashimoto’s Disease (wasn’t bad enough to have a ill thyroid…let’s just really throw me for a loop), fibromyalgia (yes, it’s real…and painful)…throw in anxiety, depression, and the fact that I WILL catch anything that comes near me (I am a magnet).

So, what am I doing different?  Well, I am the product of trying everything that is out there….and mostly, I lost time, ended up in the hospital dehydrated, got temporary results, and lost a ton of $ too!  So, when 26731304_10156040882634910_3116593351647365337_n.jpga friend said, I take a Ketone drink once a day and I am feeling great….I was skeptical.  As a mom of 3, 2 living at home, I can’t afford another ‘try this’…but she was persistent.  So, I said, alright, what the heck!  She said, let’s just try it…a taster pack and let’s see what you like for taste!  See her and I have a lot of the same symptoms, so I said, well if it’s working for you, I will be positive…let me just place an order!  So, I did….and 28 days later, here is a summary of my journal….Please remember that my weight wasn’t totally off the charts, and certainly wasn’t my immediate concern….I was more concerned with the prescriptions I was taking, the feeling I was feeling….etc.

  • Brain fog, forgetfulness, losing everything (including my mind!) – by day 3, I was already feeling more organized and focused!  Hmmmm….ok, that is good!
  • Pain in my lower back, hip, down my left leg – Wow, within the first week, I was getting right up out of bed.  Why is this a big deal?  Well, before, I would lay there, until I just couldn’t lay there anymore…I exercised in bed, I tried everything…I just couldn’t stand the pain of getting out of bed, some days I just didn’t bother…..
  • Sleep….what is that?  I would go to bed at 3am, not even tired, but exhausted!  I was up to get the kids off to school at 6, then back to bed until 1pm!  Great life huh?  Not anymore, the first night…literally, I slept 10 hours!  Ummm…what?  Ok, by the end of the first week, I was on a schedule, to bed around 10ish, up at 6 and no naps…what the what?  YEP!
  • Wait are my clothes fitting differently?  Well, yes…they are!  I have dropped 2 pant sizes since my start…wow.  Back into my Wranglers and boots…don’t have to wear leggings all the time anymore!!!  WooHoo!!
  • Cravings – I am an emotional and stress eater…so I have this stash of snacks in my desk drawer…lol.  Honey buns, snack cakes, cheetos!  I could feed an Army!  Anyway, I gave all that to my kids, why…no cravings, in fact, they don’t even taste good anymore.  WOW!  What am I craving?  Veggies, salad, cheese, bacon…ok, I can live with that!!

I think you get the picture…  Feel free to support me on my journey at facebook.com/ketodriven – and if you are open to knowing more about how I am doing this without massive exercise, no prescriptions, no pills, no cardboard dinners….just connect with me!  🙂  Thank you for making me accountable for change!

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Pure Hemp 101 Launches Soon

I am waiting patiently for the start of the next awesome thing in our life, CBD.  Did you know that Forbes says the following:

“Hemp Cannabis Product Sales Projected To Hit $1 Billion In 3 Years.”

“…cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be a billion-dollar market in just three years, according to a new report by Brightfield Group. The data company estimates that hemp CBD sales have already hit $170 million in 2016 and a 55% compound annual growth rate over the next five years will cause the market to crack the billion-dollar mark.”

“…CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources. That’s a 700% increase from 2016.”

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Holy Jalapeno!!

I have been saving recipes now that I have been on my Keto drink….and wow, some of them have really taken over the blah carb-filled dishes I used to eat!!  This one specific, eek…had it and loved it!  You have to try it, super easy!


I have to say that even though I don’t need to count carbs strictly on my keto drink, my cravings for ‘bad for me’ food is completely gone and I am more into the awesomeness of lower carbs and better foods.  I can freely walk past the chocolate, the cookies, the ice cream and not even look twice.  I am so thankful for my Ketosis!  ❤


Low Carb Jalapeno Popper Chicken | Aunt Bee's Recipes



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Woke up to a SALE!

Woke up to a sale….YESSSS!!  Refilled on my Keto drink and my Keto Kreme – ready to do a little experimenting…be scared, very scared!!  I have my Keto supply coming…and at a sale too!  So, I ordered my Maui Punch Max, going to try Raspberry Lemonade Max…and of course the Keto Kreme (great in coffee!)  Do you want yours too – topsuccess.shopketo.com .


It’s KETO APPRÜVED Keto//MAX Swiss Cacao Fudge Brownie Chocolate Cheesecake! Tell me Keto is boring!!

Snag this Recipe below:

Image may contain: dessert and foodBrownie crust:
½ cup butter
2 oz unsweetened chocolate, chopped Ghiradelli 100% unsweetened cacao
½ cup almond flour
¼ cup cocoa powder
pinch salt
2 large eggs
3/4 cup Stevia
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup walnuts or pecans, chopped

Melt butter and chocolate in a small sauce pan until melted. Cool 10 minutes.

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl until combined. When chocolate butter mixture is cool, whisk in eggs and vanilla. Combine to dry ingredients, mix well and spread evenly in a springform pan that has been sprayed with Pam and place pan on cookie sheet in the oven for 18 minutes at 325 degrees.

2 8 oz block cream cheese,
3 eggs
¾ c sour cream
½ c Stevia
1 tsp vanilla
1 package of Swiss Cacao Max

In a mixer, combine cream cheese, sour cream and stivia until smooth. Add eggs one at a time. When blended add Swiss Cacao Max. Scrape sides and pour over brownie crust. Bake 1 1/2 hour at 300 degrees. Turn oven off and leave cheese cake in the oven for 30 minutes. Let cool completely and they refrigerate for at least 3 hours. (Keep refrigerated.)

Chocolate mousse layer:
1 box of jello sugar free chocolate pudding
2 cups heavy whipping cream.
Whisk cream into mix until stiff.

Chocolate swirl Keto//OS whipped cream:
2 cup heavy whipping cream
1 package of Chocolate Swirl Keto//OS
In a mixer beat cream and Keto until stiff.

Chocolate sauce:
1 c heavy whipping cream
1/3 c Stevia
1 tsp vanilla
Place all ingredients in a saucepan and heat low and stir until chocolate melts and is smooth. Drizzle over cheesecake

Cut a slice of cheesecake, spoon mousse over slice, drizzle with chocolate sauce, dollop with whipped cream, garnish with chopped nuts and strawberry.

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Mr. Sandman…Help

Sleep where are you……Who is saying this same thing?
That has been me for many years! I never, ever thought I would get a good sleep again, in fact I would work 16-20 hours a day and still not sleep! Doc says it’s all these things….Depression, anxiety, stress, hormones….take this pill to help, now try this pill…BLAH!

This is the old me…the new me says, bring on the sleep! I put my head on the pillow and bam…out in 5 minutes flat. No more dreams, no more 2 hours and wide awake, no more no sleeping nights! #onedrinkchangedme   #ketodriven

I am just so amazed, I had to share!!  My Journey is HERE – I would love the support and accountability from each of you that love what I post!  My new me is coming through…heck yes, I want to scream it from the roof top!!!  ❤